10 Unique and Creative Ways Businesses Are Recruiting Right Now Need unique ideas to attract job candidates? Use these examples to fuel your hiring efforts.

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This story originally appeared on CO— by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

This story was originally published on CO— by U.S. Chamber of Commerce and was written by Jessica Elliott.

Recruiting new employees isn't only about locating job candidates. It's about finding the right ones. But waiting around for your Facebook post to gain traction or hoping you'll get responses to your career page isn't as productive as a layered approach.

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The companies below use creative recruiting tactics to attract qualified candidates. Check out their techniques and see if one of these ideas fits into your strategy.

Automattic showcases employees on YouTube

Automattic relies on a remote workforce, so job candidates can't stop by an office to check it out. Instead, Automattic created a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing employee stories from across the world. Most videos are under two minutes, and workers talk about their positions, job skills, and the hiring process.

The NBA recruits people using TikTok

From behind-the-scenes videos to tips from NBA recruiters, Tish Carmona, a strategic communications employee at the NBA, delivers valuable videos for people who want to break into the industry. Carmona adds visual elements, such as caption overlays highlighting job opportunities.

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AI-driven chatbots fuel manufacturing hires

Finding talent and qualifying applicants is time-consuming, especially when you have multiple jobs to fill. Fortunately, AI-based chatbots can handle some tasks for you. A Fortune 100 manufacturing company found and qualified 325 job candidates in only two weeks using conversational AI.

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The Wendy chatbot engages with active and passive job seekers using in-depth chats and outreach efforts. It automates processes so your team can focus on the next steps.

The Client Relationship Consultancy uses a bold design

The Client Relationship Consultancy developed a unique themed and assorted swag to distribute at a developer conference. The tagline "This is not for you" was intriguing and went against the conventional "we are hiring" method.

YokelLocal captures attention with its "about us" page

A brand's "about us" page is often a series of photos and job titles. YokelLocal takes a different approach with clickable images. Once a visitor taps the picture, a short bio pops up and links to the employees' social media pages. This tactic encourages job searchers to learn more about a company's leaders.

Mailchimp gets inspiration from the movies

Asking social media users to stop by for a meet and greet isn't always successful. But Mailchimp designed an ad referencing Napoleon Dynamite. It gave essential details like the time and location but used a fun visual to stand out from the sea of advertisements online.

Chenega Corporation leverages technology to locate candidates

Companies are increasingly targeting passive job seekers; however, manually searching social profiles is tedious and not always fruitful. Chenega Corporation turned to Hiretual, an AI-based candidate sourcing tool for recruiters.

Hiretual looks for potential applicants on the open web as well as your customer relationship management (CRM) platform and your applicant tracking system (ATS). Tech tools can help small businesses make smart hiring decisions quicker.

Hewlett Packard (HP) stands out on LinkedIn

Company culture is vital to job candidates. But, it's often difficult to convey your culture virtually. HP uses two branded hashtags to share details about their culture on LinkedIn. Current and previous employees add the hashtag to their posts, bringing a personal touch that doesn't feel forced.

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Salesforce rewards employees for referrals

According to Fortune, 52% of Salesforce's "new hires come from referrals by current employees." Creating an employee referral program encourages staff to suggest friends or family members who could be a great fit. Add a bonus or turn it into a competition for even better results.

AbbVie provides extra employee resources

Many potential applicants face barriers to holding a job, such as securing childcare or meeting the needs of remote learning. AbbVie partnered with the nonprofit organization E4E Relief to offer grants to workers. In doing so, they prove their dedication to supporting employee wellbeing.

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Find creative recruiting methods for your business

Traditional methods may not attract the number or quality of applicants you need. Instead, take a unique approach to recruiting that fits your brand and extends your reach. Market your business across multiple channels and use technology to save time.

CO— aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected experts. However, before making any business decision, you should consult a professional who can advise you based on your individual situation.

CO— by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce helps entrepreneurs start, run and grow successful businesses.

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