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20 Great Workplaces in Tech The tech sector is still sexy -- and has an abundance of dreamy jobs. These companies have perfected balancing tough, technical work with fun and friendly cultures.

This story originally appeared on Fortune Magazine

There's no shortage of perks at the world's best tech employers -- free food, massages, on site medical centers -- the industry is jam-packed with employers who offer lucrative pay and enviable extras. A new study from the culture experts at Great Rated!, the workplace review site from Great Place to Work, names some of the best-in-class employers in and out of Silicon Valley. Here are 20 companies that are attracting and retaining today's top talent in tech.

Revenue figures are from the most recent fiscal year and headcount figures are the latest supplied by the company. Visit the Great Rated! links for full workplace reviews.

Ultimate Software

Revenue: $410.4 million
Headquarters: Weston, Fla.
Employees: 2,286
100 Best Companies rank: 20

The people management software solution company doesn't just help others manage human capital—it strives to be the ultimate example of workplace excellence. The company boasts fully paid healthcare and dental benefits for employees and dependents, and has a full-time wellness coach who organizes healthy living classes and consults employees one-on-one. Employees say the health classes and wellness counseling help them keep the pounds off — in spite of the company's frequently catered buffets. With offices featuring Vitamix juicers and "chill rooms," Ultimate Software strikes a balance between work and pleasure. All new hires are given stock ownership grants when they join the company. In May, the company also launched a Community of Interest called PRIDE US to support its LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual) community. Says one employee: "I love the fully paid health care benefits, the 401(k) program, the yearly company trip, along with the countless breakfasts, lunches, etc. that are also company-paid. The best part of working for Ultimate are the intangibles — I'm respected, valued, rewarded, and I genuinely enjoy my job and co-workers. This is undoubtedly the best job I've ever had, and I'm so grateful to be here." Read the Great Rated! review here.


Revenue: $468.9 million
Headquarters: Pleasanton, Calif.
Employees: more than 3,100

Cloud-based finance and HR software developer Workday is no work-a-day company. Following the success of PeopleSoft, co-founder Dave Duffield built a company that assists more than 700 clients like Morgan Stanley, Yale University, and H-P, with finance and HR solutions. As long as projects get done and managers approve, U.S. employees—"Workmates," as they're known—can take as much time off as they need with a flexible, unlimited paid-time-off policy. There are also Cantina Cocktail Fridays and arcade games at the office. A "Sprint to Europe" work exchange program allows employees to spend a month abroad in Workday's offices in Munich and Dublin. "The executive team has created a culture that makes you happy and proud to work for Workday," says one employee. "I actually look forward to Mondays." Read the Great Rated! review here.

World Wide Technology

Revenue: $6400 million
Headquarters: St. Louis
Employees: 2,659
100 Best Companies rank: 34

Even while growing 15 percent a year, this IT systems integrator has invested in employees to keep them developing, too. A majority of employees (95 percent) say they carry a lot of responsibility in the organization and that their managers trust them without needing micromanagement. On top of college tuition reimbursement up to $20,000, WWT offers to pay half of the expenses of tuition, fees and coursework books related to an employee's job. The company also offers programs in coaching and cybersecurity, among other things. Its recently remodeled, headquarters features writeable walls, treadmill desks upon request, and has stocked cooler "mini-cafeterias" that let you pay with a credit card—or even a thumbprint. "I've worked a few places since graduating college, and not once been treated anywhere close to the way I am at WWT," says one employee. "This place allows you to do your job, learn at your own pace, respects you for your position (no matter how low or high on the corporate scale) and makes me feel appreciated every day." Read the Great Rated! review here.


Revenue: $55.5 billion
Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.
Employees: 25,507
100 Best Companies rank: 1

Attracting high-achieving talent with endless perks and bonuses, the media giant aims to make employees' lives easier with meditation facilities and free meals. Googlers are a proud lot. Scoring 98 percent in Great Rated!'s "Great Pride" category overall, employees say they often or almost always carry meaningful responsibilities with the organization. And Googlers share that pride in giving back to the community: the company donated more than a billion dollars to charity last year. Says one employee: "I have never worked any place like this. It feels like working at a cross between Harvard, Hogwarts and NASA. The atmosphere and culture is truly unique and unlike anything I've ever experienced elsewhere." Read the Great Rated! review here.

FactSet Research Systems

Revenue: $858.11 million
Headquarters: Norwalk, Conn.
Employees: 6,600
100 Best Companies rank: 50

Employees say that financial software and data firm helps them grow and promotes from within. To foster that internal talent, the company encourages employees to become certified chartered financial analysts by hosting in-house training, study groups and in-house exams. FactSet also pays for the CFA exam fees, gives employees a week off from work to study, in addition to other incentives, such as cash and stock offerings. Despite having 17 sites across the U.S., FactSet manages to keep staff in close contact with management. A majority of employees (93 percent), for instance, say their leaders are approachable and easy to talk with. In addition, the company offers an employee stock purchase program, a competitive 401(k) plan matching up to 4% of an employee's contribution, and an $8 lunch subsidy Monday-Thursday. "Since my first day I have been able to interact with senior managers and directors without hesitation," says one employee. "They not only listen, but also provide feedback on a regular basis." Read the Great Rated! review here.

Hyland, creator of OnBase

Revenue: $274.8 million
Headquarters: Westlake, Ohio
Employees: 1,633
100 Best Companies rank: 93

Once a year, enterprise content management company Hyland, creator of OnBase software, throws a blowout bash to celebrate the release of a new version of its flagship product. In the parking lot of headquarters, the company sets up a beer garden featuring go kart races, dunk tanks and local bands. Scoring 98 percent in the Great Rated! "Great Atmosphere" category, nine out of 10 employees say they often or almost always enjoy their colleagues and find their workplace to be fun and cooperative. One office has a slide connecting the first and second floors, and other employees enjoy company diners, tennis courts and Ping-Pong tables. Says one employee: "Unlike other companies that I have worked with where the standard merit increases will always average 2- to 3-percent for all operations employees including for top performers, here at Hyland my merit increase is commensurate with the level and contribution of my effort during the period and or the project I am involved with. This is a tremendous incentive to know that I have some 'entrepreneurial' control of my earnings." Read the Great Rated! review here.


Revenue: $3.02 billion
Headquarters: Cary, N.C.
Employees: 13,574
100 Best Companies rank: 2

Employees say that this business analytics software and services company is like a second home — with an indoor pool, onsite pharmacy and library, that is. The company has artists-in-residence on staff and landscapers who help design and maintain its 900-acre wooded campus. With no limit to the number of sick days they're allowed to take, 96 percent of employees say they are able to take time off from work when they think its necessary. Add to that events like the food truck rodeo and Awesome Aquatics Day as well as an on-site subsidized daycare and four on-site cafeterias. "It's a family-friendly place," says one employee. "I like the flexibility of working from home occasionally. I also like being able to adjust my work hours to fit my children's school schedule better." Read the Great Rated! review here.


Revenue: $665 million
Headquarters: San Francisco
Employees: 3,300

The social messaging service also has a highly social work environment. The company scored 97 percent in the Great Rated! "Great Communication" category, with 87 percent of employees saying they often or almost always experience a free and transparent exchange of ideas within the organization. Hosting "Social Tea Time" happy hours on a weekly basis and a "Global Tea Time" all hands meeting every other Thursday, Twitter keeps the conversation going between staff members. Offices feature on-tap kombucha and iced coffee and employees have access to training and improvisation courses, and also receive a $100 fitness reimbursement. Says one employee: "Between celebrities coming into work on a regular basis, the relaxed vacation policy and the genuine friendship I have with co-workers is unlike anything I've experienced before. I work my ass off and get a lot done, but the ability to take breaks in the game room, or take the day off when necessary, provides for a really relaxed while upbeat work environment." Read the Great Rated! review here.

Revenue: $4 billion
Headquarters: San Francisco
Employees: 15,000
100 Best Companies rank: 7

The cloud-based customer relationship management software company has grown wildly yet remains intimate. At least eight out of 10 employees say they are kept informed, can ask managers reasonable questions and get straight answers, and that management makes expectations clear. Employees receive 48 hours of paid volunteer time per year. One employee is selected to temporarily work with the Foundation Fellowship, which provides the company's products to nonprofits and schools. Employees are also permitted to bring their dogs to work in certain offices and have the opportunity to receive a yearly merit salary increase that averages 4 percent of pay. "My co-workers are an amazing group of people and I feel extremely supported in everything I do. We're always in it together and there's an amazing sense of camaraderie among our team," says one employee. "I'd say that's pretty unusual in a corporate environment - we're all doing our fair share of the work, we're happy to work together and we all like each other." Read the Great Rated! review here.

Riverbed Technology

Revenue: $1.1 billion
Headquarters: San Francisco
Employees: 2,656

Serving 97 companies in the Fortune 100, this IT services company keeps businesses running smoothly. Riverbed offers a diverse workplace with 42.5 percent of its workforce identifying as minority. Featuring offices with ample natural light and free snacks, the company also has admirable leadership in place: 93 percent of employees say their leaders are honest and ethical in their business practices. Says one employee: "The company has positive qualities of a start-up (innovative, friendly) but not the usual trappings (long hours, chaotic)." Read the Great Rated! review here.


Revenue: $9.36 million
Headquarters: Columbia, M.D.
Employees: 62

This engineering contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense scores a perfect 100 percent for encouraging employees to balance work life and personal life. One reason may be due to the company's Employee Assistance Program, which helps resolve personal issues by providing free support and resources to workers. Couple that with a mentoring program and monthly "Tech Talks," and its easy to see why 97 percent of employees consider work to be "more than a job." "The Visionist family atmosphere extends beyond the workplace," one employee says. "Many employees with similar interests get together outside of work. If possible, Visionist supports these outside activities through sponsorship or providing team jerseys." Read the Great Rated! review here.


Revenue: $20.84 million
Headquarters: Tampa, Fla.
Employees: 107

Developer of custom software and mobile apps for businesses AgileThought encourages collaboration via office design with glass walls, whiteboards and low and clear partitions between workspaces. All surveyed employees say they look forward to coming to work. Monthly activities include dragon boat races, beach days, and pizza parties. Exercise-ball seats help the team stay limber, and employees spend downtime playing one another on the company foosball table. "The corporate culture is about getting the job done and having fun while doing it," says one employee. "I have not jumped out of bed to start my work day in a long time - but I do that almost every day since I started working for AgileThought." Read the Great Rated! review here.

Square Root

Revenue: $7.03 million
Headquarters: Austin
Employees: 36
25 Best Small Companies to Work For rank: 15

The cloud software provider, which helps large retail companies manage operations, is a small shop run out of two adjacent houses in bustling downtown Austin, Texas. The company has three dozen employees, yet even with such a tight-knit workforce, no one tracks sick days or vacation time. In addition to flexible scheduling, Square Root offers a $3,000 stipend for computer equipment and furniture, plus an extra grand each year to spend on professional growth. Says one employee: "Square Root is like a home away from home. Even if I could work from home, I don't think I really need to. Walking in to the office in the morning, I feel like I'm walking in to my professional comfort zone, where I know I'll be challenged, but I know I'll be supported, succeed or fail." Read the Great Rated! review here.

Convergence Consulting Group

Revenue: $7.47 million
Headquarters: Tampa, Fla.
Employees: 39

The data and analytics consulting services firm's new headquarters overlook Tampa Bay and feature TVs, an Xbox system, ergonomic furniture, and not one but two kegerators. Each year, the company gives back by adopting a family through the Children's Cancer Center's Holiday Adopt-A-Family program. "The employees at Convergence Consulting Group are proud of where they work and want CCG to be the best in the industry," says one employee. "They build each other up, share information and support each other daily." Read the Great Rated! review here.

Tapestry Technologies

Revenue: $6.4 million
Headquarters: Chambersburg, Penn.
Employees: 58

This cybersecurity services firm covers 100 percent of health care premiums of employees and multiple options for family coverage. It also provides employee life insurance at no cost and there are even insurance options for pets, too. A formal mentoring program helps employees develop professionally, and they say their managers are extremely fair. All of the surveyed employees report that their bosses avoid playing favorites. Unusual for the industry, 60 percent of the company's executives are women. Says one employee: "Many companies have cut benefits during economic hard times. Our company has gone above and beyond to try to get us better benefits, even during times of struggle. It is truly appreciated that they are looking out for more than just the "bottom line.'" Read the Great Rated! review here.


Headquarters: San Francisco
Employees: 200

Employees say Internet security firm OpenDNS treats them like family. They enjoy rooftop yoga, play Ping Pong, and dogs are welcome in the office. For the past four years, the company has invited employees and their families on a 4-day ski trip to Lake Tahoe. All respondents (100 percent) say they celebrate special events around the office including occasional company-wide art shows. Employees celebrate outside the office, too: they receive a 10-day all-inclusive vacation anywhere in the world on their 5-year anniversary. Says one employee: "We often have parties and events, but what I really appreciate are the small surprises. We get company 'swag' on a constant basis. If it's hot outside, we will get surprise smoothies or ice cream to cool us down. We had a vegan co-worker recently join our team, and within days we had tons of vegan snacks just for her." Read the Great Rated! review here.


Revenue: $5 million
Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.
Employees: 114

Customer success software firm Gainsight has no problem retaining its own employees. Founded in 2009, the fast-growing startup offers unlimited time off and no emails on Saturday (unless it's a business emergency). Employees are also known to burst into song, battle with Nerf guns, and draw at a coloring station. These moments manifest one of the firm's core values: childlike joy. An overwhelming 97 percent of employees, say they often or almost always experience a free and transparent exchange of ideas and information within the organization. Says one employee: "We love childlike joy, and it shows every day when we work. Whether it's Ping Pong or a Nerf gun fight, we are always having fun." Read the Great Rated! review here.

Innovative Architects

Revenue: $16 million
Headquarters: Duluth, Ga.
Employees: 100

The IT development and consulting firm has an open office layout with no assigned seating, nameplates, or cubicles, there are few walls, and impromptu conversations between employees are encouraged for more collaboration. The staff appreciates the company's open atmosphere and think highly of their leaders. Almost every employee surveyed (99 percent) says that the management is competent at running the business and an overwhelming majority (97 percent) think management delivers on promises. Says one employee: "To say it's an open door policy here is taking that term lightly. I believe that upper management expects us to come directly to them with questions or ideas, and I have never felt like I am unable to speak with anyone or need to follow any chain of command." Read the Great Rated! review here.


Headquarters: Atlanta
Employees: 60

The management consulting and technology services firm motivates employees with a profit-sharing program. At the end of a year, all employees are eligible to receive a share in excess profit based on a salary percentage, with additional amounts awarded for tenure and individual performance. A majority of employees (94 percent) say promotions go to those who best deserve them—well above benchmark for the country's very best companies. In addition, when employees achieve a shared goal, they can earn gifts from senior partner Mark Seeley's list of "Mark's Favorite Things." Says one employee: "Rewards are designed to incentivize the right behavior. I've seen leadership make the right ethical choices that may have negatively impacted the bottom line, but kept the company and their integrity intact." Read the Great Rated! review here.


Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.
Employees: 121

Full-timers at this social commerce company receive stock options, catered lunches, and $150 per employee per year for off-site activities like cocktail mixology lessons and glass blowing. Each month, the company honors an exemplary employee or team with a $500 Yellow Umbrella Award that they use for the benefit of colleagues or the company. Past purchases have included a scotch tasting party and a foosball table. The winner then picks the next month's winner, tightening and reflecting the social dynamic of the company. "This is the only place I've ever worked that I truly feel the camaraderie among my colleagues," says one employee. "Everyone truly wants the best for each other and are always encouraging and supportive." Read the Great Rated! review here.

Robert Hackett has been a writer at Fortune since 2014, writing frequently about technology. Christopher Tkaczyk is Senior Editor of Fortune Magazine

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