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3 Reasons Morning Routines are Essential for Mom Entrepreneurs

Having a morning routine isn't an option for today's mom entrepreneur who wants a life of freedom, connection and purpose -- it's a necessity. Here's why.

This story originally appeared on Ellevate

If you've ever looked at successful women like Beyonce, and Jada Pinkett Smith, and wondered how the heck they do it all, you're not alone. Unsurprisingly, these successful women -- along with many others -- have woven into the fabric of their day. Outside the scope of celebrity moms doing and rocking it all, more and more moms today are starting and running their own businesses, fueled by their desire to live with freedom and create a positive impact.


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Not much is officially in the books in terms of the number of mom entrepreneurs in 2018, but as someone who specializes in coaching them, I can testify that this number is growing. Use of the title "mompreneur" is on the rise, endearingly describing a woman who chooses to run a business and take care of her kids. With this, of course, comes its own set of challenges.

While many of the mom entrepreneurs I work with either have part-time nannies or childcare, or trade off childcare duties with their partners, the vast majority of them are still the primary childcare providers for their families. This is also reflected in a study conducted by 99designs, the world's largest on-demand design marketplace, with 71 percent of their moms stating they are the primary childcare provider, even though 79 percent of them are married. This same study found that 67 percent of polled mom entrepreneurs devote less time to exercise now than they did before starting their businesses. And, of course, let's not forget about the impact has on moms' marriages or committed relationships.

Across the board, mom entrepreneurs struggle to take the time to prioritize their health, connect with their partners and make time for personal growth. What does all of this have to do with morning routines? Everything.

Often seen as a luxury of moms who have live-in nannies or ample amounts of disposable income, having a morning routine isn't an option for today's mom entrepreneur who wants a life of freedom, connection and purpose -- it's a necessity. Here's why.

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1. Your morning routine sets the tone for the day.

Life is a reflection of one's rituals. We each have a morning routine of some kind in place already, whether it's leaping out of bed to a screaming baby and rushing kids to school, or rising to a glass of and a yoga mat. The only "wrong side of the bed" to wake up to is one that lacks integrity, vision and commitment.

Starting the day with intention puts us in a more resourceful state of mind for whatever lies ahead in the day, and often comes with surprising side effects. When I started being consistent with my morning routine, I noticed myself watching less , doing less scrolling on social media late at night, drinking less wine and upping my veggie intake -- all for the sake of having more treasured energy the following day.

2. Your morning routine shapes who you become.

We become what we repeatedly do. An effective morning routine is less about the doing, and more about the being. Imagine the cumulative effect of starting your day with intention, focus and energy. How would this impact your health, your , your and your business?

In "The Sexy Mama Morning," I encourage moms to connect deeply with their vision, using the accompanying morning routine as fuel to connect with themselves, their families and their purpose. The target is not the morning routine itself, but rather the person you transform into along the way.

3. Your morning routine can support or detract from your vision.

Success, regardless of what definition you subscribe to, doesn't happen by accident. The human brain is an energy-expensive organ, so it automates as much as possible to save energy. Much of what we do is by default, ingrained in our unconscious as our norm. Whether your default morning routine involves high stress and chaos or intention and focus, this part of your day reflects what's going on in your life on a larger scale, and ultimately has a great deal of impact on whether or not you fulfill your vision.

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As famously declared, "Either you run the day, or the day runs you." As moms, there's much at stake in whether we run the day or the day runs us. The way we experience and respond to the day-to-day is being closely watched by our kids, creating a default "mode of operation" within them as well. Action is the most powerful evidence of what we truly promote to our families and businesses. What will you choose to promote at the start of your day?

(By Luci Lampe. Lampe is the Author of "Achieving Sexy" and the Founder of Sexy Mama Movement, empowering every mom to live a life she loves in a body she loves.)

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