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9 Great Photo and Video Apps These apps can help you snap better visuals, edit them and then post to the web.

By Kevin Smith

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

Whether for business or personal reasons, people are snapping pictures with their mobile devices and sharing them online and over social networks.

We recently published the App 100, a collection of the best apps across all platforms. Realizing that 100 apps is a lot to digest, we decided to break up the list by category. Many, we realized, are apps for taking, editing and posting your photos and videos.

Here's our definitive list of the best photography and video apps you can get today:

Aperture, for advanced photo editing on Mac

Aperture is Apple's advanced version of iPhoto. The app gives you control over your photos and provides more editing tools that help your photos stand out.

We love how easy Aperture is to use and the powerful photo organization features.

Price: $79.99

Available on: iOS

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Camera+, for taking great photos on your iPhone

Camera+ takes your iPhone photography to the next level. It improves on the stock iPhone camera with a ton of excellent features Apple won't be adding any time soon.

Price: $0.99

Available on: iPhone

iMovie, an easy way to create movies on your Mac or iPad

iMovie allows you to make gorgeous HD videos that stand out. The iOS app has unique multi-touch features that are easy to use. Tap to add video, photos, music and sound effects.

The app is packed full of effects and also allows you to make trailers for your films to draw people in. iMovie is a consumerized video editing suite, so it's very easy to pick up and start using.

Price: $4.99 (for iOS) and free with any Mac laptop or desktop purchase.

Available on: iOS and Mac OS X

Photoshop, the most advanced photo editing app

Photoshop is the most robust photo-editing app you can use today. It is packed full of features and tools that help your photos come alive.

Photoshop is currently in its 13th major release with CS 6, and we don't see any other app getting anywhere close to matching it.

Alongside Photoshop and Photoshop Extended, Adobe also publishes Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom, collectively called "The Adobe Photoshop Family."

Price: $699.99 (full version)

Available on: Mac OS X and Windows

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Snapseed, for quickly editing photos on your iPhone, iPad or Mac

Snapseed is another one of our favorite photo apps. The app provides you with a high-quality editing experience on your mobile device and desktop at a very reasonable price.

Snapseed is packed full of tools and filters that allow anyone to become a photo editor. Snapseed also takes advantage of social media, so it's ridiculously easy to share your photos with followers.

Price: $4.99 (iOS) and $19.99 (Mac OS X)

Available on: iOS and Mac OS X


Often called the "Instagram for video," SocialCam makes it easy to share videos with friends through their respective networks.

SocialCam allows you to upload videos of any length, giving users a bit more freedom with what they shoot. For the privacy conscious you can upload private videos and even have a private account. SocialCam's videos are stored in the cloud so they can be accessed anywhere. It also has filters and editing tools to make your videos stand out as well.

Price: Free

Available on: iOS and Android


Like SocialCam, Viddy helps make it easy to share videos with friends through their respective networks.

Viddy limits your uploads to 15 seconds. Viddy is packed with loads of filters and editing tools, so you can add visual effects, music, transitions, and movie stars to your videos.

Price: Free

Available on: iOS

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Vapp, take a photo with sound

You no longer have to touch your phone to take a picture. Simply whistle, clap, snap your fingers, make any sound and the app will snap a picture.

Vapp also replaces another solution for hands-free photo-taking -- the self-timer. But existing self-timer apps require you to set up the phone, hit a button, walk into position, and wait. (If you need it, Vapp has its own timer you can trigger with a sound.)

Best of all, you can adjust Vapp's sensitivity, so even if you're at a heavy-metal concert, you can still trigger the camera to snap a pic. To adjust sensitivity, simply slide the bar on the right side of the screen up and down.

Price: Free

Available for: iPhone

Flayvr, a better way to sort through photos

If you take a lot of pictures then you know that it is very easy for them to get lost in your camera roll. Flavyr instantly fixes that problem.

The app quickly organizes your photos by date and seamlessly patches video and photos into the same collection. Best of all, the app is fast and simple.

Price: Free

Available for: iPhone

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