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Energy could eat up to 40% of IT budgets.
--Gartner, November 2006

27% of women business owners will invest in new technology such as computers and software over the next six months.
--OPEN from American Express, November 2006

300,000 entrepreneurs will use Skype as their primary means of business communication in 2007.
--Albert Lin at American Technology Research, November 2006

By 2010, business use of mobile IM will lead to a $2 billion-plus market in Western Europe and North America.
--Strategy Analytics, October 2006

Handheld PC vendors sold 4 times as many smartphones as PDAs in the first half of 2006.
--Gartner, October 2006

Governments and businesses worldwide expect to spend $59 billion this year to thwart terrorists; a six fold increase from 2000.
--Homeland Security Research of Washington D.C., September 2006

86% of global executives believe that children have an advantage over adults in incorporating new technology into their lives.
--Korn/Ferry International, August 2006

Notebook PC ownership grew 8% in 2005.
--Ipsos Insight, July 2006

9 in 10 internet users access the web from home; 50% access the internet from work.
--Ipsos Insight, July 2006

5% of desktop computers need to have a component replaced within the first year; down from 7% two years ago.
--Gartner, July 2006

The first year failure rate of notebooks is 15%; down from 20% two years ago.
--Gartner, July 2006

When asked what role they want to take in adopting newer technologies, only 6% of US executives want to lead; compared to 15% in Europe and 19% in China.
--Accenture, June 2006

54% of Chinese businesses consider themselves early adopters; only 40% of American businesses agree.
--Accenture, June 2006

35% of the software packages installed on personal computers worldwide in 2005 was illegal.
--IDC, May 2006

8% of communicators say they or their company have published a podcast; another 8% asked "what's a podcast?"
--Dallas/IABC, April 2006

61% of communicators say they're aware of podcasts but have not listened to one.
--Dallas/IABC, April 2006

63% of big companies plan to syndicate content via RSS by the end of 2006.
--JupiterResearch, May 2006

Only 29% of large companies (more than $50 million in annual revenues) publish content via RSS.
--JupiterResearch, May 2006

Small businesses with 20 to 99 employees spend roughly $70,000 per year on IT.
--Yankee Group, March 2006

50% of small businesses with 20 to 99 employees say their biggest IT challenge is the integration of different applications and systems.
--Yankee Group, March 2006

$195 million in small business nanotech grants have been issued by the U.S. Department of Defense since 2002.
--Lux Research, February 2006

16% of wireless customers have two mobile phones.
--Compete, March 2006

65% of businesses use software to block certain websites.
--American Management Association, February 2006

Worldwide mobile phone shipments increased 19.3% in 2005 from the previous year.
--IDC, January 2006

1 in 8 wireless subscribers rates their service providers' customers service as "excellent".
--In-Stat, January 2006

13% of CIOs plan to hire full-time IT staff in the first quarter of 2006.
--Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Index and Skills Report, December 2005

Just over 60% of small and medium-sized business use e-mail marketing.
--Frank N. Magid Associates, December 2005

67% of small business owners believe technology can give them a competitive edge.
--MasterCard, December 2005

Only 21% of small business owners think their business is on the cutting edge of technology in their field.
--MasterCard, December 2005

80% of small business owners agree technology creates financial opportunities for their businesses.
--MasterCard, December 2005

More than 60% of small businesses manage their own messaging needs because of privacy and data security concerns.
--Yankee Group, December 2005

66% of CIOs say their IT teams are busier than a year ago.
--Robert Half Technology, November 2005.

12 billion: the number of IMs sent globally every day, an increase of 19% since 2004.
--AOL, November 2005

41% of workers check their e-mail before going to work.
--America Online/Opinion Research Corporation, November 2005

3/4 of all U.S. corporate phone systems will use VoIP connects by 2009.
--Radicate Group, September 2005

81% of CIOs say the technical skill sets needed most within their IT departments are Microsoft Windows (NT/2000/XP) administration expertise.
--Robert Half Technology Hiring Index, September 2005

75% of all U.S. corporate phone systems will use some capacity of VoIP connections by 2009.
--Radicate Group, September 2005

The CRM applications market grew 10% in 2004.
--GolinHarris, September 2005

Corporate wireless e-mail mailboxes will increase from 6.5 million users this year to more than 123 million by 2009.
--Radicati Group, September 2005

61% of IT executives say they back up remote offices to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.
--Asigra, September 2005

20% of IT executives say their business has experienced data loss due to lost or stolen tape media.
--Asigra, September 2005

Three in five businesses are planning to boost their spending on e-mail, web design and data quality initiatives.
--CSO Insights Inc., September 2005

23% of businesses say they've launched GPS applications.
--Harris Interactive/ForceNine Consulting, September 2005

Only 20% of businesses reported computer intrusions to law authority last year, keeping incidents quiet so their images weren't damaged.
--FBI/Computer Security Institute, August 2005

CIOs say they spend 39% of their time running and fixing applications, while only 14% of their time is spent building new applications.
--Accenture, August 2005

69% of executives believe that technology has significantly improved efficiency at their company.
--Korn/Ferry International, July 2005

62% of executives believe that the technology industry has somewhat recovered from the "dotcom" recession.
--Korn/Ferry International, July 2005

87% of corporate managers say that real-time internet communications technology plays a key role in supporting sales and marketing operations.
--Larstan Business Reports, July 2005

59.4% of senior managers expect to use more teleconferencing in the second half of 2005.
--Cornerstone International Group, July 2005

14% of CIOs expect to increase their full-time staff in the near future.
--Robert Half Technology, June 2005

45% of small businesses will upgrade their desktop apps within the year.
--In-Stat, July 2005

What electronics small-business owners have: Plain cell phone - 77%; smart phone that sends/receives text messages - 52%; laptop computer - 50%; Blackberry or other device that sends/receives text messages and files - 10%; pager - 10%.
--The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, June 2005

How small-business owners see technological advances in computers and phones: Makes job easier/need fewer people for work - 26%; communication - 25%; availability/accessibility - 25%; timeliness/speed - 23%; efficiency/accuracy - 6%; advanced technology - 5%; convenience - 5%; flexibility/mobility - 5%.
--The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, June 2005

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