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The Super Bowl is expected to have a $300-$400 economic impact on local businesses in the area of the host city.
--NFL, November 2006

61% of women believe executives are paid too much; 49% of men agree.
--The Committee of 200, November 2006

68% of consumers say they would use the phone number listed on a website to contact a vendor.
--Nielsen/Net Ratings, November 2006

16% of consumers say they would contact a vendor through e-mail.
--Nielsen/Net Ratings, November 2006

43% of business leaders believe they have lost out on business contracts because a competitor paid a bribe.
-Simmons & Simmons, November 2006

32% of business leaders believe that business corruption will increase from now until the end of the decade; 21% believe it will decrease.
--Simmons & Simmons, November 2006

17% of Americans say healthcare costs are their family's top financial concern; second in response was lack of money and low wages, which got a 14% response.
--Gallup, November 2006

Shoppers spent $52 billion during 2005 and it's projected they will spend $72 billion in 2006.
--National Retail Federation, October, 2006

62% of entrepreneurs in the US claim "innate drive" as the number one motivator in starting their business.
--Northeastern University's School of Technological Entrepreneurship, October 2006

62% of entrepreneurs say they do not have a family member that is an entrepreneur.
--Northeastern University's School of Technological Entrepreneurship, October 2006

37% of entrepreneurs identify family members as the biggest inspiration in their life.
--Northeastern University's School of Technological Entrepreneurship, October 2006

42% of entrepreneurs say they launched their first venture during childhood (i.e. lemonade stand, paper route, etc.).
--Northeastern University's School of Technological Entrepreneurship, October 2006

1 in 8 businesses that pitched to angel investors received funding in 2006.
--Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire, October 2006

77% of people use their own money or family assets for business startup funding.
--US Census Bureau, September 2006

35% of businesses owners who have been approached to sell their business but decided against it did so because they anticipated continued growth
--GW Equity, September 2006

33% of all contract dollars by the Department of Homeland Security awarded this year have gone to small businesses.
--Homeland Security Research of Washington D.C., September 2006

19.4%, the projected average revenue growth over the next 12 months according to surveyed CEOs.
-- PricewaterhouseCoopers, September 2006

Over 75% of middle market business owners anticipate selling their business within 3 years.
--GW Equity and the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management, September 2006

48% of households earning less than $25,000 per year give charitable donations of at least $100 per year.
--Freelanthropy, September 2006

76% of people surveyed say they don't know their credit score within 200 points.
--Focus Credit, September 2006

52% of people surveyed say they've made late payments on bills and/or credit cards.
--Focus Credit, September 2006

33% of people surveyed admit they always make the minimum payment only.
--Focus Credit, September 2006

17% of people say they have at least one maxed-out credit card.
--Focus Credit, September 2006

46% of workers at large companies agreed that their job interferes with personal and family needs; only 31% of small-business employees said the same.
--Harris Interactive, September 2006

45% of SMB workers say their biggest regret was starting to save too late for retirement.
--Harris Interactive, September 2006

More than 7 out of 10 businesses say trust in the workplace has either improved or remained steady during the past two years.
--Right Management, September 2006

35% of businesses owners who have been approached to sell their business but decided against it did so because they anticipated continued growth.
--GW Equity, September 2006

Roughly 82% of small business owners turn to their account for business advice over their lawyer or banker.
--SurePayroll, September 2006

49% of the nation's businesses are operated from home.
--US Census Bureau, September 2006

98% of the top 50 highest growth companies in the Fortune 1000 have mission statements.
--Kinetic Wisdom, August 2006

77.8% of students with entrepreneur family members would like to start their own business someday; 64% of students whose family are not self-employed agreed.
--JA Worldwide, August 2006

On average, entrepreneurs make at least 25% more than the general population.
--Experian, August 2006

45.1 million Americans work from home; 16.3 million work while in their car.
--ITAC/The Dieringer Research Group, July 2006

The average angel group invested $1.45 million in 2005.
--Angel Capital Education Foundation/Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, July 2006

45% of angel group deals had co-investment with venture capital firms in 2005.
--Angel Capital Education Foundation/Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, July 2006

Angel investment groups made an average of 5.46 investments in 4.49 businesses.
--Angel Capital Education Foundation/Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, July 2006

68% of business students are interested in owning their own business.
--Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, July 2006

7 in 10 people feel that taking risks is more important to success than avoiding mistakes.
--Caliper, June 2006

53% of laid-off employees who bought or started businesses last year did so within 3 months.
--Right Management, April 2006

84% of small businesses are not concerned that a natural disaster will affect their business within the next year, although 77% admit that their business is not fully prepared should one occur.
--MasterCard International, April 2006

75% of U.S. adults who go online say the internet has made it easier to start a business.
--Yahoo Small Business/Harris Interactive, April 2006

50% of small businesses with 20 to 99 employees say their biggest IT challenge is the integration of different applications and systems.
--Yankee Group, March 2006

62% of business leaders say they expect to make their sales targets for the next 6 months.
--Grant Thornton, February 2006

More than 70% of early-stage entrepreneurs are already employed workers.
--GEM, January 2006

Roughly 30% of surveyed self-employed business owners say they have no retirement savings.
--National Association of Self-Employed, January 2006

58% of CFOs say they have never had a mentor.
--Accountemps, June 2006

Small business owners describing themselves as optimistic about the economy dropped 24% from May to June.
--SurePayroll, June 2006

63% of small business owners believe inflation will have a negative impact on their business this year.
--SurePayroll, June 2006

44% of small business owners say they love what they do and "cannot imagine" making a living any other way.
--Open from American Express, May 2006

GDP rose at an annual rate of 4.6% in the first quarter of 2006.
--SBA Office of Advocacy, 2006

70% of Americans say they are good or excellent at managing their finances.
--Tiburon, April 2006

39% of opinion leaders and 45% of U.S. voters believe China will be the strongest economic power in 20-30 years.
--Business Roundtable, January 2006

$672.15: The average purchase made from the Federal SmartPay program.
--U.S. General Services Administration, February 2006

60% of small business owners think the outlook of their business in 2006 is promising.
--MasterCard International, January 2006

65% of small business owners would tell a friend to start a business now, rather than wait a year.
--MasterCard International, January 2006

The average American household's economic outlays for all goods and services was $1,500 per week in 2005.
--U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, January 2006

Just over 7% of American workers drink during the workday.
--University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions, January 2006

9% of American workers have nursed a hangover in the workplace.
--University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions, January 2006

55% of small business owners say having a disaster plan is mid- to high-level in importance, but less than 30% have an actual plan.
--Citrix Systems Inc., December 2005

40% of small businesses never reopen after a major disaster.
--FEMA, December 2005

28% of small business owners identified sales and development as their top business challenge, while 15% identified their competition.
--MasterCard, December 2005

55% of small and medium-sized businesses say community relations are critical.
--Interland, December 2005

60% of small-business owners worldwide say the future outlook of their business is promising, over half are confident they'll meet their financial goals in 2006.
--MasterCard, December 2005

75% of small business owners would encourage a friend to start a new business now, rather than wait a year.
--MasterCard, December 2005

Roughly 43% of employers say their reward system is linked to their business strategy--up 7% from 1996--while 23% of employees said they didn't understand their company's reward system.
--Watson Wyatt Worldwide, December 2005

One in 11 Americans has shoplifted.
--Cleptomaniacs and Shoplifters Anonymous/National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, November 2005

Retailers lose $25 a day to shoplifting.
--Cleptomaniacs and Shoplifters Anonymous/National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, November 2005

Roughly 80% of corporate employees will disclose sensitive company or customer information over the phone, to people they don't know.
--RavenEye, November 2005

Roughly 550,000 new businesses are started each month.
--Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, September 2005

Ten states represent 55% of all sole proprietorships, with Florida hosting the most of such businesses.
--SBA Office of Advocacy, September 2005

69% of teens say they would like to start their own business; 25% saying they would like to start a retail business.
--JA Worldwide Interprise Poll, September 2005

Small-business owners work an average of 52 hours per week.
--Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, August 2005

50% of African-American women want to start their own business.
--Essence Window on Our Women II, September 2005

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