ChatGPT Could Cost You a Job Before You Even Have It, According to a New Report — Here's How Not everyone in HR is a fan of AI.

By Amanda Breen

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ChatGPT could ultimately eliminate 300 million full-time roles across the world, according to Goldman Sachs.

But there's another way the popular technology could cost you a job right now — if you use it to write your resume or cover letter.

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Some HR professionals are wary of candidates who rely on ChatGPT to give them a leg up in the application process, per findings from talent cloud company iCIMS reported by Mashable.

According to the report, which surveyed college students and recent graduates, 47% of college seniors are interested in using ChatGPT or other AI bots to write their resumes or cover letters, and 25% of Gen Z have already done so.

That's a dealbreaker for a significant number of HR professionals: The report found that 39% of them wouldn't give someone using AI tech during hiring the job.

Of course, many job seekers will continue to use the time-saving tool without detection. According to a survey from Resume Builder, which surveyed more than 1,000 current and recent applicants, seven in 10 who used ChatGPT reported a higher response rate from companies — and 78% got to the interview stage.

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Despite some recruiters' hesitancy, they can also reap the benefits of ChatGPT. "Generative AI bots (like ChatGPT) have the potential to help both candidates and employers be more productive and communicate better," iCIMS chief technology officer Al Smith said in the report.

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