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A Chick-Fil-A Customer Wasn't Happy With Her Order, So the Manager Sent a New One to Her House for Free: 'That's How You Reconcile the Problem'

One TikToker is going viral after sharing a story about an order gone wrong and how the chain's manager fixed it, even capturing the attention of the delivery driver himself.


Chick-Fil-A is known for extending exceptional Southern hospitality across all its restaurants, famously being known for having workers reply with "my pleasure" when customers thank them for their service.

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But one Georgia-based Chick-Fil-A manager went above and beyond, according to a now-viral video recorded by a customer who claims that when she expressed dissatisfaction with her order, she was given a new one for free — delivered to her doorstep.

TikToker J Mist (@JMistOfficial) is garnering the attention of millions after posting a video of her experience with an order from the chicken chain in which she was given "nasty" fries that were so bad, she was prompted to call up the restaurant herself.

"The manager gets on the phone, he is the nicest man in the world, wouldn't hurt a fly, y'all," she tells viewers. "He asked me how my day was, he asked me what I did today. So he told me he will give me a new fresh fry, a large."


♬ original sound - J Mist Official

The customer then said that the manager asked her to "please come back" before she agreed to come back later. She said the manager then changed his mind and asked her if she lived nearby, which she did, before telling her to stay put and that the restaurant would just deliver the order themselves right to her doorstep.

"That's how you that's how you reconcile the problem," she said assuredly, before flipping to a clip of the delivery man bringing her the new order.

The video, which has been viewed over 1.4 million times, garnered a slew of comments from customers praising the chain on their service, with many sharing their own stories about how the chain has done similar for them in the past.

"I believe it cuz 1 time i got home and they forgot a biscuit and delivered it to my house," one user shared. "Love them!"

"I used them for catering for a work meeting, I forgot the tray of cookies, and the manager himself drove them over warm and delicious," another said. "Nicest people!"

In fact, the video even garnered the attention of the actual driver who delivered J Mist's order.

@taytaywilson16 #duet with @iamjmist #fyp THAT'S ME in the video! I've been sent this #tiktok so many times today and I was like this #face looks familiar! I remember taking her this #delivery but I was not the #manager on the phone; just your local CFA Delivery Driver #chickfila #driver always #SMILE #TheChroniclesOfCFA #MyPleasure #foryoupage ♬ original sound - J Mist Official

"Love This! I am not the manager, but I am a CFA delivery driver and I brought the food. It was my pleasure," he wrote excitedly.

Another user thanked him for his service to which he, right on-brand, responded with "My pleasure."

The driver, Savonte Wilson, stitched the video excitedly confirming that it was in fact him.

Talk about customer service!

Last month, a study by Piper Sandler showed that 2022's favorite restaurant for Gen Z eaters was Chick-Fil-A, with an earlier study by QSR showing that over 88% of respondents said that the chain had "friendly service," ranking it the highest in customer satisfaction.

Entrepreneur has reached out to Chick-Fil-A for further comment.

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