Coca-Cola Just Pulled Its Diet Coke, Fanta Orange and Sprite Off Shelves in 3 States Due to Contamination — Find Out If You're at Risk Coca-Cola recalled over 2,000 cases of the popular soda beverages.

By Amanda Breen

Key Takeaways

  • The recall affects certain 12-pack, 12-ounce cans with specific UPC numbers and best-by dates.
  • The incident follows a series of food product recalls, including sun-dried tomatoes and cantaloupes, highlighting ongoing food safety concerns.
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Coca-Cola recalled more than 2,000 cases of popular soda beverages due to the possible presence of "foreign material" in cans.

The recall, which was initiated by the United Packers LLC on November 6, impacted Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta Orange in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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A total of 1,557 cases of Sprite, 417 cases of Diet Coke and 14 cases of Fanta Orange were affected, limited to the 12-pack,12-ounce aluminum can offerings.

Consumers who purchased these products can examine the UPC numbers and best-by dates to determine if they have contaminated goods on their hands. The recalled Diet Coke has a UPC of 49000028911 and a best-by date of January 29, 2024; the recalled Fanta Orange UPC is 49000030730 with a best-by of July 29, 2024; and the recalled Sprite UPC is 49000028928, also with a best-by of July 29, 2024.

Coca-Cola declared the recall operation complete, ensuring that no additional contaminated products are available in the marketplace, per NBC News.

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Several other recalls have struck the food industry this month; dehydrated tomato halves from Aviator were pulled due to undeclared sulfites, and cantaloupes in fruit cups and trays from Sprouts Farmers Market and Trader Joe's were at risk for salmonella contamination.

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