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'@Zuck Will I Be Allowed to Stay?': Elon Musk Jet-Tracking Account Joins Threads After It Was Permanently Suspended From Twitter The account already has 107,000 followers.

By Sam Silverman Edited by Jessica Thomas

Key Takeaways

  • The Threads account "elonmusksjet" is run by a 20-year-old college student.
  • The account was banned from Twitter shortly after Elon Musk took over.
  • Despite privacy concerns, the account is up and running on Threads.
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Elon Musk might not be on Threads, but his jet sure is.

Months after the Twitter owner permanently suspended the Twitter account ElonJet — which tracked the location of Musk's jet using a bot and publicly available data — the account reemerged on Threads shortly after the Meta app's launch.

Under the new name "elonmusksjet," the account, which is run by 20-year-old college student Jack Sweeney, has been tracking Musk's travels, including flights from Texas to Los Angeles, and has already amassed a following of 107,000 users as of Tuesday.

The account's pivot to Threads comes after Musk offered Sweeney $5,000 to stop posting his whereabouts, claiming it was a safety hazard. The student countered his offer with $50,000, but Musk turned down the deal.

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After Musk bought Twitter in April 2022, Twitter permanently suspended the account. It had 500,000 followers at the time. Sweeney created another Twitter account, ElonJetNext Day, which posts Musk's jet data after a 24-hour delay and has 25,600 followers. That account is still active on Twitter.

Sweeney tracks several other celebrity's jets, including Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and more. His work has been controversial due to safety concerns.

Bernard Arnault, the French CEO of luxury conglomerate LVMH, sold his private jet after it was tracked on Twitter, Bloomberg reported.

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As for his revival on Threads, Sweeney is happy to have his following back. "This is the most I've had since my Twitter account was suspended," he told CNN. "There's still a lot of people who are interested in this."

Shortly after joining Threads and posting the message "@zuck will I be allowed to stay [?]," Sweeney's new account was temporarily suspended. However, it was reinstated shortly after, according to screenshots shared to his personal account @jxck.sweeney.

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