Precision Tune, Decorating Den Interiors Go Online To Get Closer To Customers

Carlsbad, California-Kinzan, a provider of distributionchain applications, announced that the company has implemented itsCORE3 systems for the Precision Tune Auto Care and Decorating DenInteriors franchise systems.

Both Precision Tune Auto Care and Decorating Den Interiors useKinzan's CORE3 to enable their locations to manage theirbusinesses online. The application helps companies with widespreadlocations control corporate and product information while providingthe flexibility for each location to tailor its site to localmarket needs.

"These successful franchise organizations and our othercustomers have realized that it is critical to include theirdistributors in their Web strategies," says Gari Cheever,president and CEO of Kinzan. "Our applications help thesewidespread organizations drive business to the local level, wherebuyers become loyal customers."

Automotive repair provider Precision Tune Auto Care is offeringa one-page Web site to each of its stores, along with an upgradeoption for as many as 30 pages. The sites contain branded companyinformation, a list of services, specialty articles and customercoupons, and give each location the flexibility to add theiraddress, staff and other specific information. Job openings canalso be included on the sites.

"We are excited to offer our service locations the abilityto market themselves online," says Kevin Bates, vice presidentof marketing for Leesville, Virginia-based Precision Tune."Kinzan equips our franchises with another touch point forcustomers to do business with us, which adds tremendous value toour bottom line."

Customers logging onto are able to locate afranchise by zip code.

Shop-at-home interior decorating service Decorating DenInteriors wanted a similar Web presence for its more than 500franchisees.

"We are committed to promoting and enhancing the businessesof our franchise owners through technology," says Jim Bugg,Jr., president and CEO of Montgomery Village, Maryland-basedDecorating Den Interiors. "Our applications needed to be bothflexible and easy to use. With Kinzan our owners can create,personalize and update their Web site themselves, while maintainingthe control and consistency that is necessary for a franchiseorganization."

Each franchise has a five-page site featuring their contactinformation, products, services and current events. Customers canfind a designer through -BusinessWire

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