Little Caesars To Make Managers Owners <b></b>

Detroit-Fueled by a tight labor market and aggressivegrowth strategy, Little Caesars Enterprises Inc. will give itsmanagers the opportunity to buy their own restaurants. The chainwill roll out its Manage To Own program over the next few weeks.The effort is designed to boost sales, improve recruiting andretention, and bolster service.

Under the program, qualifying managers inside and outside thechain can secure their own eatery in as little as six months oftraining. The program will also be extended to developers of newterritories.

Start-up costs will vary based on size and location, but mostmanagers can secure their own store for less than $10,000,according to Dave Scrivano, senior vice president of administrationfor Little Caesars. The average franchise fee for a Little Caesarsoutlet is $20,000.

"Initially, we believe up to 20 percent of our managerswill take advantage of the program," Scrivano. "We willhelp finance the investment if necessary." -The DetroitNews

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