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Have You Ever Noticed That Apple Weather Won't Display the Number 69?



It may be the internet's most beloved and meme-able number (other than 420), but in Apple's world, there seems to be no time for such humor.

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If you're an iPhone or iPad user, you're probably familiar with the weather app, which can toggle between levels of reliability depending on the day.

But The Verge recently found one particularly interesting (albeit: hilarious) glitch — the weather app does not display when the temperature outside is 69 degrees.

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Popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee first discovered the issue in a video on Twitter that began to go viral, which he recorded from Boston, where he said the temperature was 69 degrees.

"Apple's Weather app on the iPhone refuses to show the number 69 anywhere in the app ever," Brownlee says. "Whether it's the hourly forecast or just the forecast for the day or anything. No 69 degrees."

He said that on other weather apps and phones the temperature was displaying as 69 degrees, though Apple's app was displaying 68 degrees.

The discovery had Twitter wondering if the number was a bit too cheekily sexual for Apple and its products, which aren't exactly the most humor-forward.

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However, Twitter user Ian Brennan came up with a potential explanation for the omissions.

If Apple, in fact, uses Celsius as its primary form of calculating the weather and then converts it to Fahrenheit, rounding the numbers to the nearest whole number would result in certain Fahrenheit temperatures never displaying.

Brennan used the example that 21 degrees Celsius converts directly into 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit, which would always round up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit; 20 degrees Celsius converts to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

This would explain why the number 69 would never display if Apple was using whole, rounded Celsius numbers to calculate the weather displayed on the app.

Brownlee also followed up in a Tweet explaining that by the same reasoning, the app also doesn't display the numbers 65 or 67.

The Verge reported, however, that the glitch seems to be fixed on iOS 15, with Twitter users reporting that the issue is also not present on iOS 14.6 in the weather widget, but only on the app itself.


Entrepreneur has reached out to Apple for a comment.

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