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This Candy Tasting Job Pays Six-Figures — And Is Open To (Almost) Any Age

Candy Funhouse is looking for a new Chief Candy Officer.


Funhouse, the largest online candy retailer in , is on the hunt for the ideal candidate to fill a position that's the first of its kind: Chief Candy Officer.

The role, which pays a generous $100,000 a year, is open to anyone in North America ages 5 and older.

If it seems too good to be true, it's not. This very real job has very real responsibilities that are literally sweeter than one might expect.

The Chief Candy Officer will serve as the company's head taste-tester, lead a team of "Candyologists," and run candy board meetings.

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What makes someone the ideal candidate for a job that, while seemingly perfect, has never been done before?

The CEO of Candy Funhouse, Jamal Hejazi, told Entrepreneur that the most crucial requirement for the Chief Candy Officer is a genuine passion for candy.

"This is why we decided to have the position open to anyone 5-plus, the love for candy is bound by no age," Hejazi said. "We are looking for a leader that can contribute to our wildest candy imaginations. Two key attributes that we are looking for are and being bold."

The position, while non-normative, speaks to the larger culture of the , which is committed to inspiring and executing the most creative ideas possible, Hejazi says.

Other Candy Funhouse projects in the works are a virtual reality candy store with a Sweet Science candy recommendation system, an original Candy Funhouse candy line, and making its Candy for a Cause fundraiser international.

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