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Laundrie Family Removes Not-So-Welcome Gifts From Front Lawn

Brian Laundrie has been reported missing since September 17.


The family of Brian Laundrie received some not-so-welcome punny gifts on their front lawn this weekend amid the now two-week search for their 23-year-old son.

Octavio Jones | Stringer | Getty Images

Overnight, protestors put white laundry baskets on the family's front lawn in North Port, Florida alongside a memorial for 22-year-old Gabby Petito, who was found dead after a cross-country camping trip with Laundrie, her fiancé.

A new video from Fox News Digital reporter Michael Ruiz filmed over the weekend shows Chris Laundrie and his wife Roberta removing the white baskets late Sunday night and carrying them inside.

"Is there a reason the FBI thinks you're not telling the truth," the voice behind the video camera asks Chris Laundrie as he walks past the camera, ignoring the taping. "Do you have anything to say about Gabby? A lot of the neighbors think you guys know more than you're saying."

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Roberta Laundrie can also be seen removing the poster of Gabby Petito from the lawn before following her husband back inside the house.

Brian Laundrie has been officially reported missing since September 17, though his parents claim to have last seen him on September 13.

Authorities, along with the general public, believe that the Laundries know more about their son's disappearance than they are letting on.

"We've said from the beginning there's a lot of oddness here, a lot of things that just didn't make sense," North Port Police spokesperson Josh Taylor told NewsNation. "I mean your son walks out there, now they're saying on a Monday, you know, to report that on a Friday, and then be confused on what day that was. I mean there are a lot of things that are odd there."

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Chris and Roberta Laundrie maintain that their son left to go on a hike into the Carlton Reserve on September 13 and never returned.

On October 6, Chris Laundrie joined search efforts to help find his son, marking the first time that the Laundrie family cooperated with law enforcement in the active search for Brian.

"By having him out there, and he's not with his attorneys or maybe feeling a little bit differently about trying to find his son and feeling really willing to help, he may say things and be more candid," former FBI agent Bryanna Fox told Fox News. "That could be very beneficial for law enforcement."

Brian Laundrie is currently wanted on charges of debit card fraud for using Petito's cards after she was reported missing.

He is also the sole person of interest in her death.

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