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Man Accidentally Makes Appearance in Underwear During Video Interview: 'The Laugh We All Needed'

An episode of CNBC's 'Squawk Box' had a surprise visitor during an interview this week.


Working from home has brought a new, omnipresent fear in employees everywhere — accidentally leaving your camera (or volume) on during a meeting when chaos is happening all around you.

Alena Shafieva | Getty Images

Such was the case for one completely unhinged broadcast of CNBC's Squawk Box which featured an interview with CEO and co-founder of Aureus Asset Management, Karen Firestone.

Dogs begin barking and Firestone motions off camera for someone to come and get them. But to (presumably) her shock — and the shock of thousands of viewers — a man runs by and fetches the pooches completely clad in just his underwear.

"The dogs seem to think that the dog days are gonna get a little more exciting, but maybe not in a good way, come September," interviewer Aaron Ross Sorkin says to Firestone in reference to the recent declines in the stock market before he realized what had just occurred.

The man seemed to be n a hurry as he scurried by — it appeared as though he was rushing to make it to the bathroom — but not before the incident was shared rapidly on social media.

"That was like a big foot sighting," one user joked. "Wtf was that."

"Thank goodness he still remembered his underwear," another said.

Many also made references to "BBC Dad," Professor Robert Kelly who went viral in 2017 after his kids busted into the room during a video interview and his wife sprinted in and pulled them out.

"The laugh we need to start the week," one user Tweeted alongside a clip of the interview.

Video conferencing platforms saw a massive uptick in the past few years since quarantine and COVID-related remote work mandates were put into place, with Zoom soaring an unprecedented 326% from 2019 to 2020, with revenue reaching a record $671.5 million by the end of 2020.

Nothing like a little love television near nudity to start off your day.

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