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Writing a Winning Slogan Try these tricks for creating a catch phrase that sticks in the minds of customers.

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Coming up with a catch phrase for your company is a crucial stepin the marketing battle, but it doesn't stop there. You mustmake sure your customers do more than remember your slogan--theyalso have to associate it with your brand name, not yourcompetitor's. Follow these four tips to ensure a winningslogan:

1. Evoke your key benefit. Establish that exclusiveconnection in customers' minds by focusing on what's uniqueabout your product or service.

2. Test with prospects and customers. Speak to potentialcustomers as well as existing ones in order to appeal to those whonever considered your previous marketing messages verycompelling.

3. Include your company name. Ensure that your customersnot only remember the slogan, but also what company it'sadvertising.

4. Stick with it. Success requires committing to a sloganfor years and incorporating it into all your marketing materials.You may even want to consider trademarking it.

Excerpted from Entrepreneur magazine, July2001

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