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Synergy Global Forum

Synergy Global Forum is coming to the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Oct. 27 to 28. This is a must-attend business and networking event where attendees will hear from 12 global icons, including Gary Vaynerchuck, Richard Branson, Simon Sinek and Malcolm Gladwell.

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Entrepreneur spoke with Augusto Carrizo, director, New York Office, of Synergy Global Forum, about the event and what you can expect.

In a nutshell, what makes this event different from other events for entrepreneurs?

Synergy Global Forum features a lineup of 12 powerhouse business leaders, innovators, writers, entertainers and icons. Few, if any, entrepreneurial events can match our lineup speaker for speaker.

How many people can say they got to hear, over the course of two days, from arguably the world's most famous businessman Richard Branson, one of the world's most viral business personalities, Gary Vaynerchuk, the inventor of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, two of the world's most famous business writers, Gladwell and Taleb, and arguably the greatest CEO of the past 100 years, Jack Welch? And that's not including the incredible accomplishments of our other six speakers.

What topics will be discussed?

Sir Richard Branson will tell stories of creating a great culture and pursuing innovation -- how to change the world while improving your business.

Malcolm Gladwell will give real-world examples of the difference that intuitive thinking can make.

Robin Wright will moderate a Q&A about gender equality and women's empowerment.

Simon Sinek will speak about discovering purpose for you and your team, how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change, and why together is better.

Ray Kurzweil will discuss how the acceleration of technology will shape the economy and society.

Guy Kawasaki will offer practical techniques that can be used to create innovative products and services.

Is there an overall theme to the forum?

The overall theme of the conference is Co-Creators. We understand that the boundary between creators and everyone else is blurring, and will soon disappear altogether. Our lineup of speakers focuses on the skills technologies and trends that will enable entrepreneurs to co-create value with colleagues, customers and the global community.

Our sub-theme is "A Master Class in Disruption." All 12 of our speakers have disrupted their respective industries in big and small ways. Sir Richard Branson has shaken up multiple industries with his willingness to buck trends and conventional wisdom, Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki have invested in countless businesses that have turned industries on their head -- Uber and Venmo, to name two.

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Who are you most excited to hear from this year?

I am really looking forward to engaging with Sir Richard Branson and understand what it took of him to be a trailblazer in so many different domains. Also, I am curious to understand why he decided to invest in the space race. What is his vision in this new industry and why is he involved in the Mars colony development? Also Simon Sinek. His sharp and clear thinking about reality, life and everything else is simply a pleasure to sit back, relax and enjoy.

Who are your typical attendees?

We make a very strong effort in curating the composition of our audience since we understand they make a big part of the success of this experience. We have senior executives from mid-to-large corporations, leaders from different business schools and some students. There is also a strong presence of entrepreneurs. We understand that some entrepreneurs do not have the same financial facilities as a large corporation might have, so we have prepared multiple programs that can help them participate in the event at flexible rates.

Besides hearing from these speakers, what else can attendees expect at the forum?

Because of the amazing audience we have, the peer-to-peer discussions enhance the exploration of the concepts. This is also an incredible opportunity for networking. Senior executives and decision-makers talking with entrepreneurs eager to learn and affect change. Today, both of these worlds need each other and making these kinds of connections can be a very valuable asset for their near future.

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How do you suggest attendees get the most out of the event?

To me, the key to making the best out of this is to have an open mind about every speaker. You need to allow yourself to get inspired and also make it a goal to draw at least one idea from every speaker that you can take back with you and apply in your business.

As a second goal, try to engage with as many people as possible, not only to hand out business cards but also to discuss with them the concepts presented by the speakers. It will amaze you how some things mean completely different things for people in different industries or businesses. Different points of view can help you find an amazing idea that gives you a competitive edge that might make a big difference.

Use Promo Code: GFS30A for 30% Off. Buy your tickets now.

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