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The DeLorean 'Back To The Future Car' Looks Pretty -- Futuristic

You might be wondering why the car, revealed in April and set to come out in 2024, doesn't look much like the version from the "Back to the Future" movie.


The DeLorean Alpha5 is set to hit the market in 2024 and might be able to go 88 miles per hour, but it doesn't quite look like the famous time-traveling car from "Back to the Future" (which could bend the space-time continuum at that speed), according to CNN.

Courtesy of Delorean Motor Company

The DeLorean Alpha5 from Delorean Motor Company, founded in 2021, was first hinted at in April:

"The long-awaited concept car is the culmination of a 40+ year history with the prestigious design company Italdesign and DeLorean's new interpretation of a modern icon," the company wrote in an accompanying press release.

Italdesign was involved in the original car from the movie.

DeLorean definitely embraces the history of the car. The tagline is, "The future was never promised," which could be a reference to Marty McFly's time-bending adventures throughout the movie trilogy.

But, as CNN reports, this car model only really shares the gullwing doors in common with the car from the movie, which is due to the fact that the designers of the car essentially created an alternative history for the vehicle.

The DeLorean company failed before the blockbuster, three-movie "Back to the Future" franchise first began in 1985.

"Ironically, the 'Back to the Future' car remained firmly stuck in the past. To imagine what today's DeLorean would look like, the company's new designers had to fill in a nearly 40-year gap," CNN wrote.

The new designers imagined versions of the car that would have come out over time, such as the Alpha 2 or Alpha 4.

As such, the sleek, smooth DeLorean Alpha 5 is truly the DeLorean gone back to the future.

The car is electric and will have a limited run of just 88 cars.

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