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Employees Prank Boss For Wearing Same Outfit Every Day For 13 Years

A viral TikTok shows one office committed to pranking their boss by mimicking his signature look for a day.


Employees at an orthodontic office in New South Wales decided to call out their boss' predictability — in the most charming way possible.

The account @rexballardortho posted a TikTok of the entire office decked out in their boss Dr. Darin Ballard's signature look: a light blue button-down shirt, brown belt and khakis. "He's only worn the same thing every day for 13 years" the caption read. The video was an instant hit, garnering more than 22 million views.

@rexballardortho He's only worn the same thing every day for 13 years #surprise #prank #viral #boss #funny #orthodontist #portmacquarie #fyp #hehe ♬ Benny and Chiquitita - reymifasol

Upon entering with a coffee in hand, the doctor was a good sport, instantly laughing along with his coworkers.

"Plot twist he makes it a uniform," one user commented. "But that outfit looks killer on literally everyone," another said. You have to appreciate the commitment on part of the team, and the reliability of the boss who inspired such an elaborate stunt founded on his consistency.

Ballard's commitment to a work uniform isn't actually that unusual: Steve Jobs famously wore a black turtleneck and jeans to work every day (Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes adopted the same uniform as well). Some entrepreneurs claim wearing the same outfit every day eliminates decision fatigue and lets them focus their decision-making power on more important matters.

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