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Transform Dark Days into Opportunity

The day that you find you are doubting yourself, take private time to consider why that is.

This story originally appeared on Personal Branding Blog

Your reaction to particularly awful days can make or break future success. The better action to take is to remain as calm as possible. Take quiet time to analyze how far you have come. Think about the twists and turns, and what currently has you stopped in your tracks.


Numerous conversations revealed that many almost quit their current endeavors. But one common factor as to why they did not quit helped them to prevail: They enjoy what they do too much! Ironically, it has become their way of life.

As uncertainty hits, follow these two suggestions:

  1. Take the time needed to uncover the better route.
  2. Convert a negative frame of mind into a positive.

Reframe the situation

One sales technique referred to as "Reframing" applies very well to difficult situations. Whether personal or trying to work with a client, the first step is to figure out where the discontent originates. Upon recognizing the misstep, it becomes easier to work together to find the better solution. By asking a series of questions such as, "What if…" the improved path begins to reveal itself.

On the personal side, moving from negative to positive thought is the beginning step for improvement. The change in attitude makes an enormous difference in providing increased opportunity to save the day.

The day that you find you are doubting yourself, take private time to consider "the why" that is. Most likely, one of your peers will have had a similar experience. Have a conversation about how they dealt with it and ask for recommendations on how to handle. Their insights won't necessarily apply or even . It's more about the conversation itself. Just by unleashing the dilemma is all it takes to get back to full steam ahead. As others see you meeting negativity and obstacles head on, they come to admire your steadfast personal brand.


  • When negativity hits, stop to examine the origin.
  • Decide whether changes need to be made.
  • Should changes be in order, decide whether they are minor or major.
  • Begin the process by eliminating the no longer needed.
  • Create a list of what needs to be fixed.
  • Prioritize the list in order of immediate need.
  • Re-energize yourself and/or business by communicating.

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