Twitter Just Got a Major New Feature — and Is One Step Closer to Becoming Elon Musk's 'Super App' The billionaire has cited China's WeChat as an example of what Twitter could become.

By Amanda Breen

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A lot has changed at Twitter since Elon Musk purchased the company last fall — from massive layoffs to paid verification.

As of Thursday, Twitter users will have the option to buy and sell stocks and other assets via a partnership with social trading company eToro, CNBC reported.

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Users can already access real-time trading data from TradingView on index funds such as the S&P 500 and shares of certain companies, including Tesla, by searching for ticker symbols with Twitter's "cashtags" feature.

The new partnership will broaden those cashtags to include more instruments and asset classes, an eToro spokesperson told the outlet. Additionally, users will be able to click a "view on eToro" button to navigate to eToro's site, then buy and sell assets on its platform.

It's another step in the "super app" direction Musk envisions for the platform.

During a question-and-answer session with Twitter employees last June, Musk said the U.S. has no equivalent to China's WeChat, a messaging app that also allows users to make payments, book flights and more, and that a new Twitter could fill that gap, Reuters reported.

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"We're following that story [of Twitter's transformation to 'everything app'] probably like the rest of Twitter users," Yoni Assia, eToro's CEO, told CNBC. "So it will be exciting to see how Twitter focuses more on finance, and we hope to see our partnership expand even beyond this step."

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