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Uber Update to Make Finding a Ride Even Easier

This story originally appeared on TechnoBuffalo

already makes it easier than ever to find a ride in just a few minutes. Now the appears to be cooking up a that could offer an even better experience for riders and drivers alike.

Reuters | Kai Pfaffenbach

The ride-sharing app has been serving up "Suggested Pickup Points" in SanFrancisco as part of a recent test. The new feature was spotted by , which notes that it may be limited to at the moment.

When it does work, the new feature pops up in the app to help you place your pin before you hail a ride. Uber will offer up suggested locations to make pickup easier. For example, it might point to a street corner even if you're standing halfway down the block. Or, if you're in an alley, Uber will suggest walking back to a more accessible street.

For drivers this should mean less annoying pickups that waste time and gas. The feature could be great for riders too, especially if for tourists in a new city. Down the line, Uber could even use "Suggested Pickup Points" to help you avoid traffic or stop congestion before it ever happens, though right now we're still waiting on an official rollout for the new update.

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