Why You Should Embrace The Power of Thinking Differently Remember that 'different' doesn't mean 'bad.'

By Elinor Stutz

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As long as we are willing, we may each learn from those around us. The eye opening lessons come from those who, in particular, think differently from us.

Steve Jobs said it best, "think different."

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Large vision vs. detail

In one meeting, the question was posed about who the target audience of the new organization might be. The question was asked, "Are you speaking of startups or Fortune 100 companies?" The response came back, "No, I'm referring to the right contact title at a company."

The two thought processes were diametrically opposed. The coordinator of the meeting believes that by putting the details in place first, one has a defined process for moving forward.

However, the problem with getting too caught up in detail upfront will cause added anguish. In turn, this slows down progress. By the end of the meeting, the leader was actually seen as being in a state of overwhelm for what lies ahead.

The entrepreneurial mindset is to take calculated risk.

On the other end, by looking at the largest vision imaginable, and then working backward, to put milestones and projects in place, you quickly recognize highly motivating reasons to advance forward quickly.

The trade-off is that some details may be missing. But should you be willing to learn from trial and error, and experimentation, the details will soon become apparent. It is the motivated persistence that leads to a successful outcome.

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Black and white thinking vs. creative

In another meeting, facilitators were expected to speak at length on a particular sales related topic. At one table, the people new to the sales profession had other questions on their mind. The facilitator, unlike those at other tables, took time to answer the specific questions. Her idea was to satisfy the needs of those attendees. Once the questions were answered, she brought the group back to the topic at hand.

Other facilitators expressed outrage that the one leader went off-topic. More importantly, the one leader was concerned about how her methods were greeted by the creators of the program. The people in charge saw the diversion as a gift for the attendees at that table. It was agreed that the answers provided would encourage the attendees to return the next time.

Your story

Doing things like everyone else will only produce average results. The question becomes, is your desire to be average? Should the answer be "no", then take time to examine how you currently perform.

  • Do you intuitively move forward in spite of what others say?
  • Are you working on projects that you enjoy?
  • Is there a larger vision in mind toward which you are working?

As you become opinionated on how to proceed, and follow your gut, you begin to build a well-defined personal brand. By sticking to what you believe to be right for you, and in all you do, others know they can count on you. Witnessing you move steadily toward your vision, serves to inspire others to ask for your help so that they may accomplish similar results.

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By thinking differently, you will find your way to the Smooth Sale!

Elinor Stutz

CEO of Smooth Sale, Author & Inspirational Speaker

ELINOR STUTZ, CEO of Smooth Sale, delivers inspirational keynotes at conferences. She authored three books: the international bestseller Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, HIRED! and The Wish: A 360 Business Development Process to Fuel Sales.

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