Your Potential Success is Limitless, Despite What You've Been Told Politicians and the media have their own reasons for persuading you success is an exclusive club.

By Grant Cardone

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Your approach to success is just as important as the way you view success. Unlike a physical product that is manufactured, shipped, inventoried and takes up space, there is no limit to how much success can be created! It is infinite. You can always have as much as, or as little, as you want. So can I and everyone else. Your achievements and mine don't limit anyone else's ability to achieve.

Unfortunately, most people look at success with scarcity and limitations. They think that if someone else is successful it will somehow prevent or inhibit their own ability to create success. This is not the lottery, bingo, a horse race, or a card game that only allows for one winner. In the movie Wall Street Gordon Gekko says, "For every winner, there is a loser." Success is not a commodity or resource with limited reserves and limited winners. Anyone and everyone can win.

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There will never be an end to success. It is created by those who have no limits in terms of how they approach and execute ideas, creativity, ingenuity, talent, intelligence, originality, persistence and determination. Notice that I refer to success as something that is created, not acquired. Unlike copper, silver, gold, or diamonds which already exist physically and must be found to be taken to the market, success is something people make.

New technologies, great ideas, innovative products and fresh solutions to old problems are all things that will never exist in shortages. The creation of success can take place all over the world at the same or different times, and at different levels. It happens every day by millions of people who have no limits.

Success doesn't depend on physical resources, supplies, or take up space.

Politicians and media platforms perpetuate the shortage concepts by suggesting that there aren't "enough" of certain things around. Their idea is that "If you have something, I cannot." Many politicians feel they need to spread this myth to energize their followers to take a stand for or against another politician, party or agenda. They say things like, "I will take better care of you than the other guy," or, "I will make life easier for you," or, "I promise better education for your kids." The underlying thought behind these claims is that only one person has the solution -- not the other guy, or anyone else, and especially not you.

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These politicians and other charlatans will first emphasize the topics and initiatives they know the public will find important to get their attention. Then they create the sense of doubt and make people feel as if they are incapable of doing things for themselves. They focus on the idea of scarcity that they claim exists and do their best to make people feel that their only chance of getting what they need and what they want is to support them and their campaign. After that, they imply that your chances of getting your share become even more remote.

The main reason it's difficult to discuss politics or religion is because they both tend to suggest a shortage or a lack and it causes disputes. If your belief wins, mine loses, right? If one party gets what it supports, then the other groups must suffer. It is extremely difficult for people to "agree to disagree." People are lied to and conditioned to operate under the assumption that if one person's beliefs exist any other conflicting beliefs cannot be maintained. This idea is based, once again, on the concept of limits and shortages that only increases the amount of tension we have with one another. Why does one person have to be wrong for another to be right? Why is there a need for shortages?

This notion and mentality of competition suggests that if one person wins, someone else must lose. Although this might be true in a board game where the goal is to produce one winner, this is not the reality with regard to success in business and in life. The big players do not think in terms of restrictions like this. Instead, they think without limits, which is something that allows them to soar to levels that many others consider impossible.

Financial and philanthropic legend Warren Buffett's success is not limited or capped because of someone else's investment strategies and in no way does his financial prowess limit or confine your ability to create financial success. The founders of Google didn't stop the creation of Facebook. Twenty years of Microsoft's dominance didn't prevent Steve Jobs from raising Apple's global success with iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Similarly, the amount of new products, ideas, solutions, and successful creations by these companies over the past few years does not, cannot, and will not prevent others from generating success at even more massive levels.

Just turn on a TV or the radio and you won't have to wait long to see or hear the shortage myth being perpetuated by most of the population. Envy, disagreement, unfairness are the emotions and labels associated with those who have "hit it big" because if they hit it, but you haven't, it must be unfair.

Work your ass off. Don't wait for success to fall into your lap.

Be great.

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Grant Cardone

International Sales Expert & $1.78B Real Estate Fund Manager

Grant Cardone is an internationally-renowned speaker on sales, leadership, real-estate investing, entrepreneurship and finance whose five privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $300 million.

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