Business Idea Center - Beauty/Personal Care

Alteration Service

Help others look their best with an alteration business.

Hair Removal Service

Capitalize on this popular procedure that both women and men take advantage of.

Personal Shopper

Fashion-forward? Help others look their best as a personal shopper.

Image Consultant

Use your keen eye to help people look and feel their best.

Makeup Artist

Know how to create magic with powders, lipsticks and shadows? This could be the business for you.

Massage Therapist

Got the healing touch? Make relaxation a reality for people through massage therapy.

Tanning Salon

Give people that bronze glow all year with a bulb or spray-on tanning salon.

Body Piercing

Start a business that pierces its way through the community.

Nail Salon

If you’ve got experience with manicures and pedicures, running your own nail salon -- or operating an on-the-go service -- could be a worthwhile business venture.


Hospitals and medicals centers are among the growing consumer opportunities for wig businesses.

Specialty Soaps

Clean up by producing specialty soaps.

Alcohol-Free Club

Don't like confiscating car keys from your friends? Make a business out of promoting sober fun.

Senior Citizen Clothing

Make shopping more convenient for seniors by taking the clothing to them.

Drive-Through Laundromat

Take the hassle out of getting clothes cleaned by offering drive-through service at your laundromat.

Pedicure Service

Enjoy flexible hours while keeping people's feet looking great with a pedicure service.