Business Idea Center - Page: 3 - Education/Instruction

Flower Arranging Classes

When guests walk into your house, do they comment on your flowers? If yes, you may have a skill you didn't know could be a business.

Online Tutors

There is always a need for tutors, so use your online business to show others where to find the help they need in their area.

Jewelry Making Instruction

The love for jewelry has never gone out of style. Teach others how to create bling.

Sewing Classes

Give sewers the guidance they need while stitching together some profit for yourself.

Business Startup Instruction

Trust us, there are a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs out there and we can't help them all.

Fashion Design School

If you are a fashion designer, teach others how to do the same with this glamorous business idea.

Public Speaking Instruction

Public speaking will never go out of fashion. If you've got the gift of gab, this is a perfect business opportunity.

Dance Instructor

Love to dance? Share the joy.

Resume Service

Help people polish up their professional background with a resume service.

Primary and Secondary School Curriculum Writer

Create curricula that provide tools and resources for schools, teachers, and parents for students in grades K-12.