Business Idea Center - Page: 2 - Education/Instruction

Bicycle Safety Courses

Teach parents and children how to stay safe on their bikes.

Manners Training

A charming idea for the etiquette adept: manners training

Educational Day Camps

Field trips still exciting to you? Make a business out of it.

Online Home Schooling

As more and more curriculum gets packed into the school year, help those learning by connecting through the internet.

Home Schooling

More and more curriculum gets packed into the school year. Home schooling is a great low-cost business opportunity.

Woodworking Class

Teach others the craft of working with wood. It could turn into a nice stack of paper.

Stop Smoking Clinics

If you like to help people, and maybe if you were once a smoker yourself, you can be of service to others.

River Rescue Instruction

If you have emergency skills training, river rescue instruction could keep you afloat.

Online Language Instruction

The world is getting flat and we need help communicating. If you've got the language skills, the internet is the perfect medium to share them.

Stress Management Courses

We live in a high stress world. Helping others deal with it can put you on Easy Street.

Theft Prevention

Many people don't know how vulnerable they are. If you have a police or security background, this could be your road to independence.

Survival Training

If you have past military or survival experience, this business offers an opportunity to share your skills.

Photography Courses

Now that just about everyone has a digital camera, they need someone to teach them how to take a great photo.

Flying School

For the first time in your life, it's okay to have your head in the clouds. Take to the sky with your own flying school.

First-Aid Training

If you have a passion for helping people and you have the skills, first-aid training is always in demand.