Business Idea Center - Page: 4 - Retail Businesses

Evening Gown Rentals

Turn women into Cinderellas for a night by renting them evening gowns.


This huge market is one you should be able to cozy up to.

Filing Systems

Keep businesses organized with helpful filing systems.

Antique Furniture Sales

Cut down on costs by selling antique furniture from home.

Lawn Ornament Sales

Will it be a tortoise or a hare? Why not provide both to decorate homeowners' lawns?

Patio Furniture Retailer

Attractive, comfortable furniture can turn a patio into another living space.

Antique Radios

iPods may be convenient, but they can't compete with the nostalgia of antique radios.

Mattress Shop

You'll rest easy knowing you're providing people with a good night's sleep.


It's always the perfect time to start a clock business.

Paint and Wallpaper Store

The quickest and easiest way to spruce up a space is to paint or wallpaper. Your store could be the go-to spot.

Carts and Kiosks

Don't have a ton of startup capital? Consider a cart or kiosk business.

Consignment Clothing Store

The low-cost way to start a clothing store--sell items on consignment.

Network Marketing

Find a product you love and start selling to your friends and their network.

Used Furniture Retailer

Help others out of their financial hardships by picking out classic furniture to sell.