Business Idea Center - Page: 2 - Retail Businesses


Looking for a part-time business? Try vending.

Candy Maker

Here's a business that promises sweet rewards.

Candy Store

Sweeten people's lives with a candy store.

Convenience Stores

Set up shop in a convenient location and you'll have customers dropping in.

Dollar Store

Get a great deal with a dollar store that brings in big bucks.

Scaffolding Rentals

Take business to new heights with scaffolding rentals.


Use your negotiating skills by opening up a pawn shop and bringing in second-hand goods.

Office Moving

Here's a company that you can get your move on.

Tailor Service

When selling a service, it's always important to customize a fit for each customer. This business does exactly that.

Used Children's Clothing

Help parents out of financial hardship by selling used children's clothing.

Vintage Clothing

They're so old, they're trendy again. A vintage clothing shop is a classic way to bring back old styles.

Western Apparel

You'll say "Yee-haw" when customers flock to your specialty Western store.

Work Uniforms

Millions of people have to wear uniforms to work. Target this demographic by selling work uniforms.

Musical Instrument Sales

Keep your business in tune with your passion for music.

Used Restaurant Equipment Sales

Sell used restaurant equipment to restaurateurs looking for a deal.