Business Idea Center - Retail Businesses

Framed Movie Posters

Picture this: A business surrounding movies.

Leather Fashions

Rope in customers by offering leather clothes and accessories with large profit potential.

Hobby Shop

A hobby shop is the ultimate way to feed the latest fads as well as your business.

Fabric Shop

Add some texture to your business side with a shop that's made of good material.

Lingerie Shop

Put a swagger in women's steps by providing them with attractive lingerie.

Maternity Clothing

Moms-to-be don't want to give up looking good. Cash in on this strong demographic.

Janitorial Supplies

You can clean up by selling janitorial supplies.


Outdated, you say? In spite of online media convergence, classic print newspapers will never grow old.

Inventory Liquidation

Every cloud has a silver lining. When other stores close shop, you can buy their products wholesale.


Be the middle person between a manufacturer and the retailer. With any product or service included, this is a business that will always be needed.

Vacuum Cleaner Sales

Here's a business that sucks up profits.

Gun Shop

Here's a great market to shoot for.

Lighting Shop

It's time to shine some light on your business startup.

Wine Shop

Drink to your health and to your business.

Linen Shop

This retail business requires an eye for detail and design.