Business Idea Center - Security

Residential Security Consultant

Keep homeowners feeling safe and sound with your expert security advice.

Home Alarm Sales

If you're skilled in sales, many households will appreciate your expertise in home security. However, don't be alarmed when profits take off.

Special Event Security

If you like going to concerts and athletic events and can tap connections such police officers, this venture may be worth looking into.

Auto Alarm Sales and Installations

Help vehicle owners feel better about leaving their cars.

Bodyguard Security Service

This is one business you shouldn't be scared to start.

Guard Dogs

Who let the dogs out? You did, with a guard dog business.

Security Lighting

Get your talent to work for you by installing security lighting solutions.

Disaster Planning and Preparation Service

You don't have to be a boy scout to make a business out of being prepared.

Firearms Training

If you have past military experience or just have a passion for firearms, teach others how to use theirs.