Day Spa

Startup Costs: $100,000 +
Franchises Available? Yes
Online Operation? No

With everybody leading such busy and stress-filled lives these days, starting a day spa business is an excellent choice for a new business venture. The initial investment to get a day spa up and running is substantial. However, the income potential is outstanding. Location is probably the most important aspect of this new enterprise, so be sure to carefully research the area where you intend to open for business. Providing day spa clients with a wide variety of services such as manicures, seaweed wraps, aromatherapy and massage options is guaranteed to make the business a popular destination for new and repeat clients. You should have no problem charging top dollar for your services, providing you offer exceptional personalized service to your clients. Marketing a day spa service would be through traditional advertising media. Be sure to print and distribute two-for-one discount coupons for the initial grand opening. You may have to sacrifice some revenue, but discount coupons are a terrific way to gain interest from potential customers quickly. The income and profit potential will greatly depend on a number of factors, such as services offered, customer volumes and business location. However, attaining combined income and business profits in the range of $100,000 per year is achievable.

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