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Designed For (And By) Emirati Travelers: REHLATY by dnata Travel REHLATY is a new initiative being spearheaded by the New Ventures department of dnata travel, which creates tailor-made holidays curated around the customer's needs and preferences.

By Junaid Seraj Edited by Aby Sam Thomas

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Focused on fostering a more personalized travel experience for the Emirati traveler, REHLATY is a new initiative being spearheaded by the New Ventures department of dnata Travel, which creates tailor-made holidays curated around the customer's needs and preferences, with an added emphasis on the Emirati millennial traveler. "We are a team of experienced Emiratis, who are passionate about customer service and travel," says Rihab Mansoor, General Manager at REHLATY by dnata Travel. "We aspire to become our customer's trusted travel advisors, offering personalized end-to-end travel services. We are focused on developing strong relationships with our customers, leveraging the potential of social media to target and connect with the Emirati community."

Launched on 8th January 2019, the company -which is being run as a startup within dnata Travel- focuses on developing an engagement model to build strong relationships with its customers, targeting a premium niche in the realm of travel-customer experience. According to Mansoor, what's unique to REHLATY by dnata Travel, compared to most other travel brands around the world, is its framework focused on customer engagement. "Every customer at REHLATY by dnata Travel is connected to their designated relationship manager directly, where the manager takes care of every detail of the journey curation without there being a need for multiple touchpoints with other advisors," she says.

Rihab Mansoor, General Manager, REHLATY by dnata Travel

So, what inspires the Emirati millennial traveler? It turns out the answer to this lies across the growing trend of sharing experiences within online media. Social networking sites and word of mouth are strong influencers for the Emirati segment, especially on their choice of destination- in fact, 52% of the Emirati community are inspired by Instagram for their travel-media consumption. They derive inspiration from sources that are realistic and believable, and hence, pictures and videos posted on social media and by travel influencers are a popular choice, with Instagram and Snapchat being the go-to platforms.

With this being the case, REHLATY is aiming to elevate its presence in the region by allying with social media influencers for the experiences they offer. "We also value the regional Emirati talent in photography and videography, who constantly add value to the brand, a good example of which was our partnership with Tourism Ireland and Al Maiiith, a key Emirati influencer," Mansoor says. "Maitha was able to portray her Ireland experience through her social media platform that inspired many of our customers to book a similar journey. It was one of the most successful and engaging campaigns that we introduced." And these campaigns seem to be working- REHLATY's Instagram currently boasts over 17,000 followers, consisting mainly of Emiratis in the region, who are continually engaged and encouraged to book their next dream travel experience with the company. "Our aim is to position REHLATY in the next year as the preferred travel partner for Emirati travelers," Mansoor declares.

"TREP TALK: REHLATY By dnata Travel General Manager Rihab Mansoor's tips for entrepreneurs

  1. Hold yourself true to the brand you're building
    Don't be afraid to find yourself emotionally attached to the purpose of your startup. Especially if your startup functions in the service industry, you need to be committed to the values you provide to your users. Be ready to being responsible for your team's tasks, and the workload that may come with it."

  2. Get organized
    "As a young entrepreneur, you may always be seeking inspiration to better schedule your activities that contribute to the startup's growth, but if you don't master the basics of organizing your week in advance, you may find yourself stepping on your own toes. Set feasible goals that contribute to achieving the results that you seek."

  3. Surround yourself with people who have a positive-mindset
    As the saying goes, whether it be applicable to all or not, you may be the average of five people you surround yourself with. Generally, it's just good practice to have your friends and colleagues channel positivity with their ways of thinking or putting out their opinions publicly. You will find yourself comfortable and at bay, when your team has the collective vision and ambition to grow the business sustainably."

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Junaid Seraj

Former Editorial Assistant, Entrepreneur Middle East

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