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Expo Live Is Inviting You To Share Your Ideas To Make Life Better In The UAE Got an idea to make life better in the UAE? Here's your chance to make it a reality.

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Got an idea to make life better in the UAE? With the Expo Live Innovation Challenge Program, now's your turn to unleash your ideas to improve and solve challenges the UAE faces. Open to all UAE residents, the program seeks to encourage ideas, products and solutions and encourage a collective mindset towards tackling the nation's issues.

An initiative by Expo 2020 Dubai, the program plans to focus on one crucial challenge in the UAE during each cycle. Ideas will be assessed based on the solution's relevance to UAE, originality, business viability, and estimated reach and impact. Those interested can submit one idea per one program cycle, and participate as an individual, in pairs or as a team of three, with shortlisted teams invited to pitch their idea to a panel of judges.

Winners for submitted ideas will win AED 1,000 cash prize, while those who wish to take their ideas to the next level will receive additional support and seed funds of up to AED 25,000. Participants will also have access to networking opportunities with local incubators, accelerators, mentors and investors, taking a step towards being actively in the ecosystem. Winners also have the chance to showcase their projects at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The program joins Expo Live's two other initiatives- the Innovation Impact Grant Program, which funds to support social enterprises globally and has already accumulated 45 grant applications from 30 countries, and the University Innovation Program, which is open to UAE-based students developing concepts relevant to the UAE and the region.

Commenting on Expo Live's goal of stimulating a community for a purpose, Yousuf Caires, Vice President, Expo Live, Expo 2020 Dubai says, "We believe that innovation can come from anywhere, to everyone. Ingenuity is a common trait in all of us. Yet sometimes an incentive is needed to awaken our creativity and innovativeness. We hope the Innovation Challenge Program will be this extra stimulus and cultivate an innovative mindset and spirit in the UAE."

So whether you're an industry expert, an entrepreneur, or simply have the drive for social innovation, here's your chance. Submit your ideas on the Expo 2020 Dubai website.

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