Green Innovations: Meet The Finalists In The Water Category Of This Year's Zayed Sustainability Prize These three finalists are proving that innovative solutions can be tailored to meet communities' specific water needs, and to help vulnerable communities.

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Zayed Sustainability Prize
A scene from an earlier edition of the Zayed Sustainability Prize

Established in 2008, the Zayed Sustainability Prize is the UAE's pioneering global award for recognizing excellence in sustainability, which honors the the humanitarian and sustainability legacy of the UAE's Founding Father, H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Since then, the Prize has awarded 106 winners who have positively impacted the lives of over 378 million people around the world by accelerating sustainable development through their impactful, innovative, and inspiring solutions.

As we near the conclusion of 2023, the UAE's Year of Sustainability, while also anticipating the upcoming 28th edition of the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in the UAE, this year's edition of the Zayed Sustainability Prize continues to champion pioneers in sustainable solutions, with the winners set to be announced on December 1, 2023.

Here, we take a look at the finalists in the water category of this year's Zayed Sustainability Prize, all of whom are at the forefront of addressing critical water security challenges with groundbreaking innovations that are redefining wastewater treatment, as well as providing essential access to safe water for vulnerable communities worldwide.

This year, the water category finalists are leading the way with their inventive approaches to water conservation and management.

These three finalists are proving that innovative solutions can be tailored to meet communities' specific water needs, and to help vulnerable communities better manage, treat, and access precious water resources.


Founded by Bayan Al-Abdullat and Najwan Mohammad, ADADK has developed a system equipped with wireless sensors to detect various leaks at an early stage.

At the heart of the Jordan-based SME's success lies its AdadkSensor, a transformative device deployed in households and refugee camps across Jordan, Germany, Tunisia, and the US. This wireless smart sensor, coupled with a mobile app, employs machine learning and augmented reality with 95% accuracy.

Source: ADADK

"ADADK speaks the language of water- by developing a smart technology that allows us to listen to and understand our water, we provide people with easy and affordable tools to allow anyone to take real-time action," says Al-Abdullat. "We aspire to save homes, communities, industries, and the planet."

Operating across five countries, ADADK has, so far, positively impacted over 200,000 lives, prevented eight million gallons of water loss, and curbed 90,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Its technology has also averted over US$13 million in structural damages, and it has also forged partnerships with over 20 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private firms, creating a powerful network for change.

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Eau et Vie

Through a simple yet ingenious approach, Eau et Vie ensures sustainable access to clean water directly within the homes of urban residents through individual taps," declares Philippe de Roux, co-founder and CEO, Eau et Vie.

Along with his co-founder Valérie Dumans, de Roux drew inspiration for Eau et Vie from his experience working in a social micro-credit programme in The Philippines.

Source: Eau et Vie

His exposure to the challenges faced by Manila's urban poor, including water scarcity and high costs, served as the driving force behind Eau et Vie's solution, which centers on water access and community engagement.

The France-based company's community-oriented approach, unique payment structure, and door-to-door service provision make vital services accessible to underserved communities.

To date, its efforts have provided clean drinking water and additional services to 52,000 residents in 28 communities across The Philippines and Bangladesh.


Denmark's TransForm leads in wastewater, sewage, and sludge treatment with its innovative Rootzone soil filtration.

This eco-friendly innovation stands out for treating waste streams without energy or chemicals.

The 30-year-old company removes contaminants from oil-contaminated water and sludge, cuts natural groundwater use by 50-70%, captures carbon emissions, and generates clean oxygen using constructed wetland systems.

"Traditional methods of wastewater treatment involve complex and energy-intensive processes, leading to high costs," explains TransForm CEO Mikkel Dalsgaard. "We have successfully implemented Rootzone technology in several areas, while reducing environmental impact and demonstrating substantial cost savings."

"TransForm aims to establish a franchising model that brings our technology to more communities in need," Dalsgaard continues. "This approach will not only increase market impact, but also create greater awareness and adoption of sustainable solutions, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and circular economy."

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