Four Signs It's Time For A Career Change

Changing careers can be daunting, but sometimes, it's a necessary step in the pursuit of job happiness.

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By Medy Navani

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There are many reasons as to why people choose to change careers. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the job itself, but more that potential passions lie elsewhere, providing a job of fulfilment. Other times, it is the sheer dread of the current line of employment that has one struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

Whatever the reason, changing careers can be daunting, but sometimes, it's a necessary step in the pursuit of job happiness. So how do you know if you have met the end of the line in one field with the need to venture into the unknown? Here are four tell-tale signs that it is time for a career change.

1. Yawn There are, of course, days in which everyone feels less than motivated, and albeit a little bit bored. However, it is completely different if you tend to find yourself counting down the hours with little enthusiasm throughout the day, every day. Feelings of indifference are a strong sign that the career you are in is not one you enjoy, and it, therefore, may be time to consider a new line of work.

2. Envy Picture this, you are meeting with a friend and the conversation, of course, turns to work. As your friend talks with enthusiasm about their wonderful job, you feel jealousy slowly creeping up, and veering its ugly head. It is understandable to be envious of others seemingly amazing jobs; however, it is important to understand whether you are having these feelings about the day-to-day tasks or just the additional perks. If you find the work elements of another industry far more fascinating, while your current employment leaves you less than enthused, it may be in your interest to look for a step in a new direction with other passions in mind.

3. Whatever Unproductivity is common at times, as we humans are not robots, and, of course, go through ups and downs in energy levels throughout the day. The most important thing to understand is whether this feeling occurs far more frequently than it should. If you have found yourself making any excuse not to work or the attempts at work are futile, you are not doing yourself or the current job any favors, as it probably means you are unfocused and performing tasks to a mediocre level. As we spend the majority of our time at work, this is not mentally beneficial, so do what is right for your own sanity, and find an industry that will bring out the best in you, and keep motivations flourishing.

4. End of your rope We all feel under pressure at work from time to time, with a requirement to vent to anyone who will listen. What you need to consider is whether your complaints are due to current tasks, or from the overall job itself. By not addressing the underlying issue of being unhappy in a certain career, it can lead to increased stress levels, which is not good for your health, and could eventually lead to a burn out. Before it gets to that point, think about what your reasons are for feeling unhappy, and if you find it is the field of work as a whole, it is time to get out, and find that dream job you deserve.

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Medy Navani

CEO, Design Haus Medy

Medy Navani is the CEO of Design Haus Medy. Established in 2006, Design Haus Medy is an award-winning architecture and interior design practice based in Dubai. With over 233 projects completed, Design Haus Medy uses a bespoke approach for each client, rich in intellectual rigor and creativity, to develop inspiring places with a powerful visual impact.

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