Meet The 20 Startups Joining The Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund Accelerator Program's Newest Cohort The group includes startups that have made significant developments across sectors aligned by the UAE's National Innovation Strategy including, education, health, renewable and clean energy, technology, space, transportation, and water.

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The Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF), an initiative by the UAE Ministry of Finance to support innovation in the country, has announced that 20 new enterprises have been accepted into the latest cohort of its Innovation Accelerator program.

Launched in 2016, the MBRIF's Innovation Accelerator (IA) program supports enterprises by offering tailored services to boost growth, mentorship sessions, and access to a wide network of coaches and industry experts. The new cohort consists of startups that have made significant developments across sectors aligned by the UAE's National Innovation Strategy including, education, health, renewable and clean energy, technology, space, transportation, and water.

Selected from more than 160 applications, the 20 chosen ventures include 15 businesses from the UAE, and the remainder from the US, Egypt, Brazil, India, and Luxembourg. According to the release, this cohort features the highest number of UAE participants since the program's inception.

Source: MBRIF

Commenting on the announcement, Fatima Al Naqbi, Chief Innovation Officer at Ministry of Finance and MBRIF representative, said, "By welcoming a new cohort into our IA program, we are building on the UAE's vision to create a knowledge-based economy and developing the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs... The UAE is filled with an abundance of talent to shape a better future for our nation and as MBRIF, we are pleased to be guiding innovators in key sectors of importance, with a pathway for growth and success."

The new members include:

  • Predictiv – a personalized DNA based digital twin for disease prediction
  • Metanoa – a therapy solution for neurodevelopment disorders (NDDs)
  • MyUniPath – a platform designed to fill a single form for multiple university applications
  • Dahnoon – an Emirati educational character
  • AR Engineering – an immersive educational experience through XR
  • Learning Solutions Frontier – a space education to grow scientists and entrepreneurs
  • Biosolvit – a natural absorbent for oil spills with up to 95% oil recovery
  • Merlin Farms – pesticide-free organic aquaponics farming
  • EGV Desalination System – green low-cost water desalination technology
  • Maana Electric – eco-friendly and efficient solar panels production using local resources
  • Heidron Energy – breakthrough battery technologies
  • DGrade – a sustainable manufacturing solution for textiles
  • Virtual Satellites – an innovative satellite communication solution
  • AS2 Systems – a resilient autonomous vehicle technology
  • Melaaha Drones – the region's first integrated drone training institute for future drone pilots
  • Fleetroot – a unified logistics platform for last mile delivery
  • Predixa – an AI empowered application for digital transformation
  • Lune – personal finance management with plug n play analytics and insights
  • Fanera – a social platform for football fans
  • Dukkan – an SME focused marketplace with rapid delivery

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