With Its Rebranding, Lyve Gets Set To Shake Up The Last Mile Delivery Sector In The Middle East Rebranding into Lyve embodies the company's mission to grow along its partners and raise the standard of the last mile delivery, changing the way customers experience delivery in the region.

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Lyve is a brand that considers digitization as its identity blueprint, believing that the success of last mile logistics lies at the core of digitization. Yet, Lyve's ultimate goal is advancement in a broader sense that is about more than just technology. And the enterprise now has two exciting pieces of news to prove each of these statements.

Firstly, Lyve is a company that you might already be familiar with- One Click Delivery Services, a Dubai-based technology company specializing in last-mile delivery, will from now on be known as Lyve. Since launching in 2016, Lyve has managed to establish itself as a prominent player in the last-mile delivery solutions field. Through the continuous improvement of its software and the diversification of its products, it branched out into new verticals such as courier, pharmaceuticals, telecom, and e-commerce, acquiring prominent clients while also penetrating new markets, such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and India.

The company's rebranding into Lyve embodies its mission to grow along its partners and raise the standard of the last mile delivery, changing the way customers experience delivery in the region. "Through our acquisition of new verticals and multiple new clients, we have naturally been led to optimize and further enhance our operation strategies as well as our image to better meet our clients' demands," says Hassan Hallas, CEO and co-founder of Lyve. "Rebranding has come as a step towards asserting our presence as a reliable and experienced partner."

Introducing Lyve [Infographic] from Black on Vimeo.

The name Lyve (a play on the word "live") is synonymous to a continuous presence and connectivity on ground and online. Its slogan "Beyond Delivery" is also an indication of the multiple ways in which Lyve assists its clients. Its clear-cut and neat logo reflects straightforwardness and transparency, while with the color theme asserts its confidence acquired by the satisfaction of both its clients and employees, whom they see as partners.

The rebranding effort also saw its website get entirely revamped into a customer centric platform designed to empower prospect clients to fully learn about the multiple services in a clear and user-friendly manner. "Our brand has developed and matured tremendously through great new products and robust technology, which we are ready to showcase in an up-to-date, sophisticated manner that reflects our capabilities," says Krystel Hodroge, Marketing Director of Lyve. "We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and are excited to take on new challenges in Lyve's name."

The success of Lyve's technological solutions became apparent during the COVID-19 lockdown and the relating surge of delivery requests, accelerating not only its rebranding efforts, but also the launch of a new initiative to empower women by including them in the last mile delivery sector, which was previously considered the exclusive domain of men. That's right- the company recently announced that it has started hiring qualified female drivers for its fleet.

"It had always been in our plans to diversify our fleet and make it more gender-inclusive, as we believe in equal opportunities for all," says Hallas. "We have had to start increasing our fleet size to respond to the sharp demand for delivery, and we believe that this was the most appropriate time as employees of both genders were now actively looking for new opportunities."

Hassan Hallas, co-founder and CEO, Lyve. Source: Lyve

Hallas explains that Lyve's initiative to empower women is about implementing a vision that aims at growing the company while maintaining its integrity and serving society at the same time. True to its core goal of equality, Lyve will be offering female drivers the same wages as their male counterparts. "From a productivity point of view, the hiring pool is now larger, as it is now more about performance versus gender," Hallas says. "As a rule of thumb, women are good multitaskers and are highly attentive to detail, which adds a variety of new positive elements to the job. This may even enhance several areas of the last-mile, including customer-driver interaction. For instance, some female customers may prefer dealing with women rather than men for cultural reasons; hence, having a woman delivering their package will increase customer satisfaction. We are optimistic and excited about the possibilities that this initiative will unlock for everyone in the field of last-mile delivery, from our drivers themselves, to our clients and customers."

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