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International Cross-Border Payments Platform 3S Money Marks Its UAE Debut With A Celebration Of #BusinessDoneBrave Held under the theme of #BusinessDoneBrave, the event gathered over 250 guests from across the UAE entrepreneurial ecosystem who were actively engaged with the many immersive activations staged at the site.

By Entrepreneur Middle East Staff Edited by Tamara Pupic

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On January 24, 2023, international cross-border payments platform 3S Money -which is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority- marked its debut in the UAE with a grand launch party staged in partnership with Entrepreneur Middle East at Concrete in AlSerkal Avenue in Dubai.

Held under the theme of #BusinessDoneBrave, the event gathered over 250 guests from across the UAE entrepreneurial ecosystem who actively engaged with the many immersive activations staged at the site.

The highlight of the evening was a panel discussion featuring Mona Kattan, co-founder and Global President of Huda Beauty and founder of Kayali, Sara Chemmaa, founder and CEO of Citron, and Ivan Zhiznevsky, co-founder and CEO of 3S Money. The panel was moderated by Aby Sam Thomas, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Middle East.

Source: Entrepreneur Middle East

Among the topics discussed, there was a special focus laid on what it takes to remain resilient and strong-minded when taking on entrepreneurial risks. "I think it's important to remember that when you're pioneering, there is no blueprint," Kattan said. "So, you really have to follow your gut. And I think what's more important is to have a long-term vision. So, when we first created Huda Beauty, it wasn't just to sell products in Sephora, it wasn't just to solve a problem with that product, but to create something that could help people. So, that's what we did!" Kattan also shared one of her favorite business mantras that ended up resonating deeply with the audience present at the event. "Big shots are only little shots that kept shooting!" Kattan shared. "That is an affirmation that has helped me very often. So, no matter what, just keep going!"

Mona Kattan, co-founder and Global President, Huda Beauty and founder, Kayali. Source: Source: Entrepreneur Middle East

Mirroring Kattan's sentiments on the need for a vision while starting a business was Zhiznevsky, who reminded the entrepreneurs in the audience that the product or service they offer doesn't necessarily have to liked or loved by everyone. "It isn't easy to find a solution that suits everyone," he said. "I would say the thing that keeps me up and running every day is customer reviews. If I feel bad, I open online reviews on TrustPilot, and read them. If it's a good review, well, it means I'm doing the right thing. And if it's bad, it helps me understand what needs to be changed."

Sara Chemmaa, founder and CEO, Citron. Source: Entrepreneur Middle East

Speaking on why he chose the UAE as the next stop in 3S Money's expansion journey, Zhiznevsky pointed toward the country's strategic location as being a key reason. "Dubai, and the UAE, is a great connector between emerging markets and developed ones, and so it is a great place to start scaling up- that's why we're here!" he said. Here, Kattan also added that the city being a melting pot of cultures has proven to be a great asset in her own entrepreneurial journey. "I've actually seen a lot of other brands based in the US and other places that aren't so culturally diverse," she said. "I feel like they're looking at us and thinking, 'How come they've gone global so fast?'"

Ivan Zhiznevsky, co-founder and CEO, 3S Money. Source: Entrepreneur Middle East

As the founder of a homegrown brand that's gone global, Citron's Chemma noted that she's all too familiar with how much research it takes to stay steadfast upon a chosen entrepreneurial path. But when asked what her biggest takeaway so far has been, Chemma's answer surprised a few in the crowd. "I know this may sound controversial, but I think ignorance is a blessing, in a way," Chemma said. "Had I known all the hurdles I was going to face in creating this company, I may not have taken it up at all. You know, a lot of times when we start creating new products, if I know it's going to take two or three years, I might not venture into it, because it's a lot of time and money. So, now, I try not to overthink things- which is quite the opposite of what I learnt during my time as a consultant. I just say, 'Let's do it,' and make mistakes. But I sometimes stop myself from knowing too much!"

The "Walk The Plank" VR activation at the #BusinessDoneBrave celebration. Source: Entrepreneur Middle East

Entrepreneurs would do well to heed to Chemma's advice- her startup's products did, after all, sell out within the first three weeks of their launch. The key to such success is to ensure quality that can be appreciated by the customers, said Chemmaa. "Every mother who has received our lunchboxes and touched it has said that this can only be made by a mother who has struggled like me... You would be interested to know a statistic- 90% of the designs that are made for children's products are by men; it is a difference we can immediately feel. So, all these things, when you make all of them easier, and nail the product from an end-user perspective, the growth comes naturally!"

Arqam, Emirati soul singer. Source: Entrepreneur Middle East

3S Money also invited the audience to participate and offer their perspectives on #BusinessDoneBrave at the event. "The Wall Of Bravery," for instance, encouraged attendees to share how they plan to be brave this year, and by the end of the night, it was pinned with a diverse set of handwritten goals for the year ahead. Meanwhile, using the power of virtual reality (VR), a "Walk The Plank" experience offered people the chance for people to test their limits. Another pleasant highlight of the evening was the presence of Emirati soul singer Arqam, whose performances had the audience repeatedly asking for encores.

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