UAE Startup Compareit4me Is Now Yallacompare Say goodbye to compareit4me- and welcome yallacompare!

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Say goodbye to compareit4me- and welcome yallacompare! The Middle East's leading comparison site has gone in for a rebrand, with the change happening as the company gets set to scale up with an entry into Saudi Arabia. For the homegrown brand offering comparisons on everything from personal loans and flight tickets, to telecom packages and car insurance, the rebranding signifies the comparison site's strategy to appeal more strongly to its customers in the Middle East.

Source: yallacompare
"When we first started the company, we had no idea that it would become the business that it is today," said yallacompare CEO Jon Richards, in a statement. "We honestly didn't think ahead to international growth and expansion, and we didn't realize that what we'd built would become as successful as it has been across the MENA region. Our success outside of the UAE is what's informed our decision to create a brand that better represents our English- and Arabic-speaking customers. Today, we compare everything from personal loans to flight tickets; we're the largest insurance aggregator in the Middle East by a considerable margin; and we're active in nine markets across the region. We needed an identity that better reflected these realities."

Source: yallacompare
Samer Chehab, COO of yallacompare, added, "The Saudi Arabian factor was crucial in our decision to rebrand to yallacompare. In several markets around the Middle East, including Saudi, we've been operating under the brand name, as it resonated more with markets in which Arabic is the primary language. With yallacompare, we're bringing everything together under one roof, in an easy-to-understand, powerful call to action. Do you need a financial product or insurance policy? Yalla, compare!" To celebrate its new identity, yallacompare threw a party at its headquarters, and by the looks of it, it looks to have been one heck of a party- here's one startup that certainly seems to believe in the "work hard, party harder" maxim!

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