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This Holistic Health Tech Company Has On-Boarded Big Cos For Its Corporate Wellness Program Giant firms such as LG, Coca-Cola and Microsoft have already joined Bellabeat program, and vouch for its effectiveness

By Deepika Singh

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The beginning of 2021 has seen the aftermath of a complicated year unfold. In particular, we've attested how some companies have managed to adapt to (permanent or not) changes and thrive in a new environment.

Of course, with remote work, productivity, and relocation becoming the most popular trends among those adapting to a new reality, it's no surprise to see innovation originating from companies in these fields. In particular, Bellabeat, a high-tech company and manufacturer of smart jewelry based in London, Zagreb, San Francisco, and Hong Kong, seems ready to step into the forefront of female corporate wellness.

A new definition for wellness tracking, and Bellabeat's solution to it

With a recent announcement of a corporate wellness program, Bellabeat aims to help companies and employees beat presenteeism.

Presenteeism, or employee disengagement, costs US companies over $500 billion every year. These costs are calculated based on the losses caused by the lack of productivity from present and healthy employees. Common factors occasioning workers to underperform are, among others, dehydration, obesity, depression, body pain, poor diet and smoking, as pointed out by Bellabeat. The company also points out how, over time, all these factors compound to weaken a company's happiness, productivity, and, in the end, profits.

Bellabeat's corporate wellness program is exclusively oriented towards women and presents several innovative points centered around well-being. The company states that women are "the primary caretakers in every country in the world. Even though women outnumber men by 66 million in the world population, they are still disregarded as care receivers", which is why their product line and developments are designed exclusively for a feminine audience.

So, what can companies expect to get from Bellabeat's wellness program?

Bellabeat uses high-tech jewelry and devices specially designed for women in work environments to track their physical and mental health indicators. Women within the program can choose to wear any of the following: Bellabeat's Leaf, a classic pendant; Time, a slim watch; and, Spring, an elegant water bottle.

These Internet-of-Things devices are all equipped with sensors that receive and communicate data to Bellabeat's system, which then uses artificial intelligence to compile, process, and interpret data to generate accurate reports and suggestions within the system's platform. The platform, which main focus is to help users create better habits, has an intuitive, data-driven approach that personalizes recommendations to match users' habits and needs. The program manages users' daily activities and 'musts' like hydration, meditation, stress control, diet, sleep, among others.

Anonymity and privacy, key in Bellabeat's eyes

Along with the announcement, Bellabeat openly addressed the modern concern for individuals to fully own their private data. In fact, the company's Head of Product, Melanie Messina states: "By working with larger forward-thinking companies, we found out employers don't want to track their employees; they simply want them to be happier and more productive – therefore we created a dashboard exclusively for employees to view and share their wellness between colleagues."

In practice, this means that users would be the only ones with access to their private data. Employers will only enter a portal where their collection of employee data is displayed as a whole, instead of individually.

Tried and tested

With other of the company's programs, Bellabeat users complete 3 million goals, start 1.6 million programs, 6.4 million workouts, and 600,000 conversations about women's' health, which makes the news about their corporate adaptation promising. Some giants that have already signed into the program, like LG, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft, vouch for its effectiveness. Additionally, the data shared by Bellabeat demonstrates that users have benefited from using their technology and devices, and the company expects this trend to continue through 2021 in offices and for remote workers.

Author bio - A growth-hacker in nature, Deepika strives to shine light on the most innovative and creative business ideas from around the globe.


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