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Meet the Company Modernizing Outdoor Advertising This channel has a remarkable opportunity to evolve and grow beyond its anaemic 13 per cent allocation in the average advertisers' budget

By Scott Linn

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"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time," said Henry Ford.

The concept of advertising is as old as the concept of business itself. In a world of increasing distractions and the rapid pace of modern life, businesses need more effective advertising options to capture consumers' attention.

However, not every advertising channel has kept pace with the growing demands of more sophisticated, performance-driven marketers. While digital advertising has seen significantinnovation over the past decade, the out-of-home advertising industry (including billboards, wallscapes, and mobility assets) has remained comparatively stagnant. Out-of-home advertising consistently provides $5.97 in revenue ROI for every $1 spent. Still, this channel has a remarkable opportunity to evolve and grow beyond its anaemic 13 per cent allocation in the average advertisers' budget.

OOH advertising

Nickelytics is building a marketplace for out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Much like Facebook and Google have continued to revolutionize digital advertising to empower businesses to launch customized ad campaigns in minutes, Nickelytics is working to bring these same tools and technology to the outdoor advertising market.

The vision Nickelytics holds clear is to create the infrastructure to enable brands and marketers to deploy targeted OOH campaigns across a variety of assets (billboards, vehicles, digital signage, etc.) with the same ease and power of a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. By connecting the suppliers of these assets, this platform will bring together opportunities to reach consumers in a way the OOH industry has yet to achieve.,dpr=2/https:/

Proving a real return on ad spend for outdoor advertising

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half," said John Wanamaker.

Wanamaker said that somewhere around the turn of the century, the 20th century. Wanamaker's quip has been highly debated ever since. And, while media giants and technology magnates have been diligently working to prove him wrong, Nickelytics works to bring a more precise focus on performance and remarketing to the OOH market.

Nickelytics is moving beyond the simple consolidation of media assets for greater efficiency. They are leveraging available technology and a myriad of data partners to drive greater performance accountability in the OOH industry. All while providing unprecedented opportunities to retarget and remarket to consumers exposed to the brand message.

The Nickelytics platform takes it another step further by offering attribution opportunities to identify whether a customer visited a business location, made a purchase on their website, or downloaded an app.

The focus behind Nickelytics

Judah Longgrear, CEO & Co-Founder

Judah Longgrearbegan his entrepreneurial career as a teenager when he owned a coffee shop at 19. After the sale of that business, Judah went on to earn his undergraduate degree from West Virginia University. Judah has enjoyed significant success in the corporate world since taking his first position at Pepsico. Judah has developed proficiency in setting strategy, leading diverse, cross-functional teams, solving complex problems, and building partnerships as a business development executive at companies like Salesforce, Netapp, and Gartner. In 2017 he founded The Nickel Ride, a ridesharing service paid for by advertisers, which became the foundation for Nickelytics.

What's next?

Nickelytics is focused on building the technology and media partnerships necessary to activate the vision set forth by Judah and the executive team. Nickelytics is poised to create both opportunity and impact in a marketing sector ripe for innovation with the support of leading technology, operational, and marketing industry talent.

"The excitement we are seeing for what we are building is tremendous," said Longgrear. "Brands and advertising agencies alike are seeing this as something that will make their work both easier and more effective. But, the real excitement I feel is watching the Nickelytics team see this as both a commercial and creative opportunity like none other."

Own part of the future of OOOH advertising

Investing in Nickelytics is investing in effective disruption for advertising on a broader scope.The investment opportunity with Nickelytics is open to the public for a limited time through the Republic investment platform, with a minimum investment of $100.

"We are excited for how the Republic campaign and our recent endorsement from Neil Patel will fuel our growth and vision. We invite you to join us in changing an industry for the better, forever," said Longgrear.

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