How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Potential Customers to your Website Use these features and follow these best practices to redirect your LinkedIn audience to your business website.

By Melanie Goodman

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Stats reveal that digital marketing needs LinkedIn. It contributes 46 percent of the social traffic to all corporate websites and 50 percent of the social traffic to B2B websites and blogs. Since inbound marketing can save up to 62 percent of the marketing budget, LinkedIn also emerges as a cost-effective platform.

To drive traffic to your website, blog, or podcast, you need to place backlinks and calls-to-action (CTAs) within various LinkedIn Pages. Backlinks are links to your webpages outside social media and CTAs are messages that encourage users to take an action, i.e. click on your backlink.

Less techy and easier to implement than they sound, do try the following DIY features and best practices to redirect the LinkedIn audience to your website.

Use these features.

Complete your LinkedIn pages with all your details. In case of the profile, complete all the sections and add the website, podcast or Blog URL to your Contact Info. If you have also created a Company Page, add the URL to the Visit Website link. Over the next few days, you can optimise these pages to attract higher traffic. The backlinks and CTAs can send this traffic to your main website. For example, you can use the edit icon to update your profile or company page with banner images that carry the name of your website and a message to check your Contact Info for the link. This message could specify a CTA that encourages the viewer to visit your site.

Additionally, you could use the name pronunciation tool to record an audio file for your name, company site and a CTA to check the contact info. Similar instructions can also be included in the video introduction embedded in your profile picture.

Employ these best practices.

Generating traffic through content marketing requires a combination of tools and best practices. Ideally, your LinkedIn marketing should not hinder the google rankings for your Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Hence, you must:

Avoid duplicating content between LinkedIn and other digital resources, especially your website. The LinkedIn content should be original and optimised for Google SEO.

Repurpose your articles and daily posts to generate curiosity for the company website or blog post.

Use snippets of your main article in the posts and ask the reader to visit your website through the link in the comments via text or attachments i.e. video, audio or carousel post.

Also summarise the blog or video preview, if you are using a carousel post i.e. a slideshow show that is uploaded as a video on LinkedIn Posts.

Additionally, you can maximise visibility and SERP rankings for content within LinkedIn. The following tips will help you in the this regard:

LinkedIn loves videos and PDF documents. Forget cute kittens and babies, you could record a 1- or 2-minute promo video to summarise your blog or specify a valuable reason to visit your website.

When you attach PDFs to posts, mention your website in the PDF to drive the people that read it to your website. Just think, those LinkedIn members who then visit your website may end up generating backlinks from more people which could create a chain reaction of backlinking fun!!

Create short audio summaries of your articles and send them as voice attachments via LinkedIn messages that contain your URL. Avoid spamming other users and follow a prudent messaging strategy.

Keep reviewing the analytics of your LinkedIn and web pages to assess the success of your posts and articles. Then add the links of the well-performing content to the featured section of your profile and the newsfeed of your Company Page (and pin it at the top of the page as a static post). If you are a Twitter user, integrate LinkedIn with your Twitter account through the profile settings. This can help create an additional twitter funnel for the LinkedIn content and your website.

If you're effecting a consistent strategy of making valuable targeted connections daily, you will find yourself with an engaged group brimming with goodwill who will potentially and share your posts and maybe even backlink your site from theirs. Win-win!

The crux of all successful LinkedIn campaigns is creating excitement around your product, services and you yourself so take the long view, take time and take charge of your LinkedIn presence.

Melanie Goodman

Owner and Founder of Trevisan

Melanie Goodman is owner and founder of Trevisan. Melanie specialises in providing CPD-accredited LinkedIn marketing and LinkedIn training services to the professional services sector in Europe, drawing on her comprehensive knowledge of and experience in finance and law. Her company assists businesses to achieve their goals by providing bespoke LinkedIn growth and visibility strategies.

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