Joel Paul

Director of Operations, RiseSmart India

Joel Paul is Director of Operations, RiseSmart India.


Growth Strategies

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Outplacement Services

Giving employees the support they need to find a new job demonstrates your commitment to living out your stated company values, and showcases your commitment to establishing employer/employee relationships that live beyond an individual's tenure at your organization

Growth Strategies

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring People Who Have Been Laid Off

In today's war for talent, companies that give careful consideration to job candidates who have been laid off from their previous position


How to Handle Workforce Restructuring and Career Transition

When organizations approach layoffs without the proper preparation, the process can be unpleasant and negative and we tell you the right approach to come out of the situation


Here's How Blockchain Will Become a Necessity for HR

the relevance of blockchain will soon be required knowledge for all job seekers, regardless of industry or position

Growth Strategies

#4 Reasons Why Redeployment is an Effective Employee Retention Strategy

Redeployment and outplacement can help an organization and its employees return to productivity

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