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3 Plaguing Societal Problems Which Could be Solved Through Creative Entrepreneurship Check out a list of problems which you could solve for Indian society, through your creativity

By Rahul R

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It is obvious that by now, as a potential and budding first-time entrepreneur you would be aware about smart entrepreneurship being the in-thing. This when resorted to automatically fetches you the desired results in terms of obtaining investments from leading venture capitalists and an opportunity to solve societal issues. The latter part gets widespread recognition considering the fact that your entrepreneurship would be viewed as "giving back to society".

With societal issue mitigation, through smart entrepreneurial models being the criteria, Entrepreneur India lists three potential issues which could be mitigated and lives of Indian citizens made a lot easier. Check these three issues out below:

Eliminate manual scavenging of manholes

Now, this could be touted as the most underrated issue considering the fact that despite manual scavenging of underground sewers and drainages being unlawful, the practice is still carried on and encouraged; resulting in a huge loss of human lives. Here is where technology and your smart entrepreneurial models could come in.

Technology could result in a robot which could actually serve the purpose of a manhole cleaner and get down to the sewers to clean them and even prevent overflowing of these during monsoons in India. At this juncture, it is worth noting that entrepreneurs have actually begun the smart manhole cleaning initiative.

"The first version of Bandicoot is fully ready and deployed in the Trivandrum area of Kerala. By July, we would be implementing Bandicoot in Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu," states Vimal Govind who is Founder and CEO at Genrobotics. Govind and his team developed a mechanical manhole cleaner called Bandicoot which actually augments a human cleaning an underground sewer. Govind states that Bandicoot would not be snatching away jobs of people, but would enable humans to control the robots such that an augmentation in the whole cleaning process is brought about.

Hence, you (as a newbie entrepreneur) could potentially consider the above as criteria for your business models; you could leverage technology like artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Making healthcare accessible and affordable

"Healthcare provides the right setting for big data analytics with enormous patient data in the form of diagnostic reports, radiological images, clinical observations, and so on," states Yogish Bhatt, Vice-President at Manipal Prolearn.

"I think the appetite of investors has increased as far as healthcare investment is concerned and I feel it will continue to increase in the near foreseeable future," adds Rohit Kumar Pandey who is Co-Founder and CEO at SigTuple which is a healthcare startup.

Now, data scientists readily believe that just through the enormous data generated in healthcare processes, we could have models that could actually result in even making doctors more accessible to the rural Indian geographies, through smart diagnostics and consultations.

"Data-driven models in healthcare would take aspects such as diagnostics to the next level," informs Pinkesh Shah who is CEO at the Institute of Product Leadership.

With entrepreneurs also engaged in actually building smart healthcare hardware, these could potentially reduce costs as well considering the fact that multiple layers of cumbersome processes could be eliminated.

Smartly control and manage vehicular traffic

A plaguing issues for Indian cities has been the increase in vehicular density which leads to traffic snarls across all major central business districts (CBD) of these cities. If you are an entrepreneur looking at developing models for this problem, then you could implement a sensor-driven mechanism wherein custom programmed sensors are implemented at major roads to monitor vehicle density and accordingly control traffic signals.

Why hasn't these been done before? Nobody knows. Your entrepreneurial traits could now take the initiative.

"With this sensor data, the traffic signals can be dynamically controlled through the IoT," says Sameer Dhanrajani who is a data scientist whilst being Chief Strategy Officer at Fractal Analytics. Dhanrajani also offers an illustration of Jaipur where the state government has tied-up with technologists to make a corridor in the city smart.

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 
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