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3 Life-Changing Lessons To Learn From Your Failures Suleman Raza is a serial entrepreneur who has faced more than his fair share of setbacks in his path

By John Stanly

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Mistakes are inevitable in life; however, with mistakes come growth and learning. "As you walk the journey of life, it is important to open yourself up to learning from your past mistakes as it is a vital part of life," says Suleman Raza. He encourages people across all walks of life to adopt this kind of mindset—from students to entrepreneurs.

Suleman Raza is a serial entrepreneur who has faced more than his fair share of setbacks in his path. However, his resilience has seen him establish successful business ventures over the course of his career. As the CEO and Founder of Spice Village Group and the President of Grand Sapphire Hotels, Suleman Raza has extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Additionally, he is also the owner of a team in the Kashmir Premier League.

Suleman Raza explains that his journey has not always been sunshine and rainbows; he has failed multiple times but gotten back up stronger. He notes that his approach to dealing with failure was not always thinking forward, but having a growth mindset has opened him to the importance of failure in everyone's journey. According to Suleman, failure is a crucial part of success; without it, you wouldn't be able to measure how hard you have worked or how far you have come.

Suleman Raza further adds that mistakes are crucial to learning and growing. Therefore, failure should not be avoided but embraced for the lessons it imparts. "Most people avoid taking risks because they fear failure; however, such people do not succeed either as this is a sure way to stagnate. If you want to make progress in your journey, you have to take the odd risk. You might fail a hundred times, but you'll learn a thousand lessons," says Raza.

Suleman Raza stresses the importance of reinforcing a culture that promotes failure as an opportunity for growth and learning. "To do this, we need to eliminate the blame game and remove the scary mask of consequences that people associate with failure," he concludes.
John Stanly

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