5 Key Takeaways for Restaurateurs from Burger King CEO, Rajeev Varman

One needs to build an organizational value system to take the business to the next level

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Today the Restaurant sector in India is seeing some exciting times as India is now become top 25 markets in the world to start and build a Restaurant business as per a Technomic report. Today Indian Restaurant sector is witnessing diversity like never before with new trends, global cuisines adding new flavors on the table. Global Brands and Indian restaurants – new and old have boldly accepted it. But now time has come to look at the big picture. The winners in this dynamic environment will be the ones who can plan strategically for growth. While delivering a relevant and differentiated proposition to consumers will be critical, maintaining cost and operational efficiencies will be another key focus to raise big capital for elevating their business to next level.

"It is now time to build leadership in Restaurant sector as a precursor for this big growth to happen. Building Leadership is more than just communication, guidance and setting up a good example. One needs to build an organizational value system to take the business to the next level," said Rajeev Varman, CEO Burger King India who shares some tips for brands to make successful business globally.

Make sure you Establish What you Have at Home: You have to learn very hard in the country and then excute the brand in global markets. Many a times restaurant owners are in a hurry to take the brand to the new geographies, that's wrong. Learn from the mistakes of the others and make sure that you have a established concept at home.

Getting the Supply is Difficult: How do you supply the quality food that you can actually handpick in the restaurants around you to the other country where you have one or two restaurants. That's always going to be a challenge and people need to think through that. Always work on your supply chain network beforehand. "We have our supply chain team ready with all necessity before we actually launched our first BK outlet at Select CityWalk Delhi," shared Varman who has now expanded Burger King India to most of the cities.

Understanding the Culture: Every country or even every region has a different culture. What make sense in one country may not make sense in another country. You need to understand the cultural aspect and culturally market of the country.

It Need to be Economically Feasible: If it's not working in India, the solution is not to go for Dubai but to figure out for India. When people see that the concept is not working in India they try to go to other country. It's not true they need to figure this out and I always say this make sure your restaurant is performing well at the first store if you want to make the number count go on.

It's All about Convenience: As you see tech industry has done a lot to bring convenience to customers whether it is paying through electronic means or accessing through these means. Technology is actually getting the restaurants closer to the consumer. So, the consumers can experience the brand in every different ways whether it is through delivery, coming in and ordering through kiosk and restaurants or it is through aggregators. They have multiple ways they can opt for and it is all about convenience that they look for. "We are connected through our guests via all these methods," added Varman.

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