National Bubble Tea Day Celebrants May Want to Pause Festivities Due to Shortage

The past year has led to supply chain issues for boba and other restaurant staples.

Chloe Arrojado

· 2 min read

This Is What People Want in a Post-Pandemic Restaurant Experience

Declining Covid-19 cases and expanding vaccination efforts offer a glimmer of hope for the industry's comeback, but restaurants hoping to win over new patrons should keep safety top of mind.

JaeMin Cha & Carl Borchgrevink

· 6 min read

Entrepreneurial Leadership, Good Eats: How Independent Restaurant Operators Are Showing Their Strength

Despite lockdown restrictions and changes in consumer behavior, independent restaurants are surviving and thriving with original, refreshing and creative approaches.

Wendy Keller

· 6 min read

Subway Franchisees Write Open Letter to Owners: 'This Dream Has Turned Into a Nightmare' (Update)

The letter puts a spotlight on Subway's troubles amid rumors that the sandwich chain is going up for sale.

Chloe Arrojado

· 3 min read

10 Inspirational BIPOC Chefs & Restaurateurs Share The Top Things You Need To Succeed As a Chef

BIPOC restaurant industry leaders offer their experience and advice on how to break through as a chef.

Vicky Colas

· 11 min read

Del Taco Restaurants Serves Up Combo Platter of Reasons to Buy In

The company just turned a fantastic quarter, proving to be an appetizing play in the fast-casual dining market.

Steve Anderson

· 4 min read

The Latest Pandemic Relief Plan Doesn't Renew PPP, But It Includes $28.6 Billion in Grants to Support Independent Restaurants and Bars

Eligible businesses can receive up to $5 million per physical location and up to $10 million per company.

Jennifer Ortakales Dawkins

· 3 min read

Man Who Paid Employees for 11 Months During Covid Furlough Learned Most of Them Had Gotten Other Jobs

Of the 20 people Tito Loizeau continued to pay during shutdowns, 14 of them were already working elsewhere when he asked them to return.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 4 min read

Taco Bell CEO Mark King on Tapping Into the Human Element of Operations

A conversation with the man who oversees the Franchise 500-topping fast-food chain.

Scott Greenberg

· 4 min read

Square Makes it Easy to Add Online Ordering to Your Restaurant

Offer a safer, easier way for customers to order, whether online or in person

Entrepreneur Deals

· 3 min read

3 Reasons to Quit Your Corporate Job and Become a Restaurant Franchisee

The market conditions are ideal for investors ready to make a change.

Dan Rowe

· 5 min read

4 Restaurant Stocks to Buy During the Potential 2021 Economic Recovery

While the restaurant sector was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, fast food companies showed resiliency.

Rishab Dugar

· 7 min read