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How do New-age Bosses Say You are Hired Present-day entrepreneurs go out of their way to add quirkiness and some bit of fun to their working styles to make their employees feel comfortable at an office environment

By Sugandh Bahl

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It's rightly said that, "if you take good care of your employees, in return they will take utmost care of your business." Present-day entrepreneurs go out of their way to add quirkiness and some bit of fun to their working styles to make their employees feel comfortable at an office environment. Bizarre, right? Let's find how these entrepreneurs are breaking the ice at workplace.

Unacademy The Weeklong Trial Policy

Founder, Gaurav Munjal

"I believe that for senior-level hires, one needs to be sensible. So we hire them for a week and see how compatible we are for each other." While hiring Disha Agarwal, an MDI Gurgaon graduate, we knew that she is a qualified candidate but we wanted to ensure that she would be happy working with us. And for her it worked as the trial period took away the nervousness. It was a win-win situation for both. She made a huge impact in our business."

The Bombay Shaving Creating Grooming Goals
Founder, Raunak Munot

"I make sure that every new hire is asked about their grooming routine and products they use to get a sense of whether or not they have a fine taste. Joann, our marketing executive went on to the extent of making sure that she can add some element of the brand colour (turquoise) into her attire for initial few weeks, like shoes, ear rings, top, bracelet, etc."

Gozoop Unique employee-employer Bond

Co-founder and director, Rohan Bhansali

Not adhering to the usual boss aura amongst his employees, Rohan believes in walking the shoes of his employees wherein he personally bumps into any department randomly to understand the loopholes of each department. "I believe in practicing "experiencing the experience' by walking in the shoes of my employees as it gives me a chance to connect with them. This exercise builds transparency and realtime expectation from both sides. Even my employees quote this practice as a joyful experience for them as they believe that working with their co-founders is a healthy way of providing distinctive exposure," he says.

Happy High

The Love for Fine Wine is Mandatory

Founder, Ajit Balgi

"As a ritual, I ensure that on the first day of work I take the new recruit to a fine dine restaurant and make sure that he is happily high. On the day I hired Krutika, my team coordinator, I took her out to dinner. During the interview, she had mentioned that she was not familiar with the Wine & Spirits jargons. So every time I used the word DRAM, she thought I had actually mispronounced the word "drum'. It was quite a funny experience."


A Whacky Start

Founder, Tushar Vashisht

"Every new employee who joins us gets pranked on his/her first week. It's our way of welcoming them on a lighter note. One of the funniest and wackiest welcome was when a new joinee was asked to take permission from the company's CEO for going anywhere. And for the entire week, she asked for permission even while heading for the washroom.

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Sugandh Bahl

Former Feature Writer, Entrepreneur India Magazine

Journalism has been in my roots since my school days. Beginning with a content specialist at CRY organisation to landing up being a Feature writer/correspondent at The Entrepreneur Magazine, life has experienced ups and downs fairly well. A foodie by nature and pet over at heart, currently I am thoroughly enjoying my tenure at The Entrepreneur!

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